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Mays lines on the nails may be a symptom of a serious illness

Mays lines on the nails may be a symptom of a serious illness
  1. Mesa filaments, i.e. white strands on the nails
  2. Mays lines on the nails may be a symptom of the disease

miss teams (Mesa lines) These are white lines within the nail plate of the fingers and toes. White lesions on the nails can be an important clue in the diagnosis of systemic disease.

This symptom is named after the Dutch physician R.M. Mies, who described it in 1914.

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Mesa filaments, i.e. white strands on the nails

Mies’ filaments are transverse, non-faded white filaments that run parallel to the crescent (the white crescent at the base of the nail) throughout the nail bed. Miss bands are not accompanied by bumps. The strands move closer to the end of the nail plate as they grow. The white streak may appear on a single fingernail or on multiple toenails and toenails.

The appearance of Mays streaks on the nails is an alarm signal, so you should contact your doctor as soon as possible and get the necessary tests done. Striped nails do not require treatment, but may indicate a serious illness.

Mays lines on the nails may be a symptom of the disease

Transverse changes in the nails may indicate systemic diseases or the effects of toxins. Previously, Mies’ streaks have been associated with arsenic poisoning. Currently, the presence of Mays bands, that is, white stripes on the nails, can be a symptom of arsenic (a component of arsenic) or thallium and carbon monoxide poisoning. It may also indicate heart failure or kidney failure, as well as sickle cell anemia, or pellagra – a disease caused by a deficiency of B vitamins. Mays strains also occur in patients with cancer (including Hodgkin’s lymphoma) and in people after chemotherapy.

The above advice cannot replace a visit to a specialist. Remember that in case of any health problems, consult a doctor.

Source: “Mees lines and Beau lines after chemotherapy” Tzu-Chuan Huang, MD and Tsu-Yi Chao, MD (Canadian Medical Association Journal)

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