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Meat in the lab in a restaurant. The lab is nothing but a glass away from customers

Meat in the lab in a restaurant.  The lab is nothing but a glass away from customers

“This is the first place in the world where you can taste meat in the lab and watch live how it is produced,” explains Eddo Sauer, president of SuperMeat in Tel Aviv.

Here, the laboratory is separated from customers only by a glass through which guests can observe the meat production process – according to AFP.

Cells are taken from a fertilized chicken egg and placed in a bioreactor, a device in which the collected cells are fed plant material rich in proteins, fats, sugars, minerals and vitamins.

Thanks to a nutrient, cells develop in laboratory conditions as if they were developing in a real animal and become living muscle tissue. During the entire process, the final product is produced, which is real meat, but without the need to kill the animal.

And how do the first guests of the restaurant rate the IVF dish? Jelly Kanvi, who calls herself a “carnivore,” rated it “it was delicious.”

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“If I didn’t know, I’d be convinced it was just a regular chicken burger,” says another Tel Aviv resident who also tried the poultry wrap.

Already in December, it was possible to try lab-grown chicken meat in a restaurant in Singapore, and the first lab-grown steak was introduced in 2013 by scientist Mark Post from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

According to him, in vitro meat can “increase food security in the world and is a sustainable, efficient and animal-friendly product”. Edo Savir asserts that such farming allows “reducing the amount of land, water and other resources” needed to obtain meat.




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