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Media: explosions at the Russian military base in Crimea

​Kilka eksplozji miało miejsce na terenie wojskowej bazy lotniczej we wsi Gwardiejskoje, nieopodal Symferopola na Krymie - informuje "Kommiersant". Według świadków, nad lotniskiem unoszą się kłęby czarnego dymu.

Several explosions occurred at the military air base in the village of Gvardiskoye, near Simferopol in the Crimea, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”. According to eyewitnesses, clouds of black smoke rise above the airport.

According to “Kommersant”, it happened Several explosions at the military air base in the village of Gvardiskoye in the Crimea. The informant told reporters that the army and law enforcement agencies are checking whether there was a drone strike on the ammunition depot.

And the telegram channel “Justi Karim” reported that the people heard several explosions in the morning, but the situation is currently calm.

Today, in the north of Crimea, near the village of Majskoye near Jankoj, a series of explosions occurred in an ammunition depot. Many buildings were destroyed.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the train was damaged “as a result of sabotage”, which led to the destruction of civilian objects.

At the same time, another accident occurred in Jankoy – a transformer substation caught fire. Several thousand people were evacuated residents.

Recently, there have been several explosions and fires in the Crimea. On August 9, as a result of an explosion at the base in Novedorivka, several aircraft were destroyed. The official reason was not disclosed, but the Ukrainian services are suspected of involvement in the attacks.

There were also explosions at the Zyabruka base in Belarus, which is used by the Russians. According to official information, a fire broke out there. Satellite images show that the explosion damaged, among other things, the T-72 tank.

Putin: Russian weapons are years ahead of Western competition

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