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Media: Friends of Bayern Munich had had enough of Lewandowski’s behaviour. New football details

Media: Friends of Bayern Munich had had enough of Lewandowski's behaviour.  New football details

After several weeks of negotiations, Robert Lewandowski finally joined FC Barcelona. Backstage issue of this event resident Electrifies the German media. According to the portal, the Polish actor was not a popular figure in Bayern Munich’s dressing room in the final weeks of the match. Bavarians.

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Media: Bayern players are tired of Lewandowski’s behavior

And the journalists of the portal say that the rest of the team members were tired of “Lewandowski’s whims” and some players saw him as too selfish. Leroy Sane had the most to complain about this: – he was one of the players who, in the second half of the season, worried about the pole’s more selfish behavior and no longer got along with him on the field – German media wrote at the time.

According to sources, Sane’s opinion was not unique. Some players – including the former Manchester City winger – were angry at his behavior and behaviour Lewandowski. This was manifested not only by the low interest of the Polish actor in the affairs of the club, but also by his selfishness on the field.

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Despite these sounds, it is undeniable that replacing Lewandowski could be a near impossible task. One of the club’s former coaches, Felix Magath, who won the national championship twice with the Bavarians, says that Bayern will now have a hard time: – It was good to say goodbye to Lewandowski, but I don’t know if everyone understands the meaning of this decision. I think Robert was a perfect match for Bayern Munich. For this reason, this football marriage was successful and harmonious to the end. I now think there may be problems modifying the game without Lewandowski – German evaluated.

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FC Barcelona signed Robert Lewandowski on the drawing again, omitting the second letter of his name.An accident with the name Lewandowski before the Barcelona-Juventus match

Lewandowski himself, who in one of the interviews expressed his appreciation for the skills of Bayern players, seems to be of a different opinion. “I think Bayern have so many talented attacking players that they don’t urgently need to recruit a new striker.” The team’s attack is excellent and they can do very well. even without Transfer one to one – Then he mentioned the representative of Poland.

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