September 23, 2021

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Media: Les Poznan bomb!  The club wants to break the transfer record of PiK nona

Media: Les Poznan bomb! The club wants to break the transfer record of PiK nona

the bosses Why Poznan In recent weeks they have been constantly looking for players who can strengthen the club. Unofficially, it was said that Damien Kodzior could join the club, but in the end he promoted player Piast Glives.

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Lech record transfer

most likely Why Poznan It will be joined by a competitor from abroad. – Adriel D’Avila Ba Loua may soon become the Kolejorz wing pilot. to acquire why You will have to pay up to 1.2 million euro – We read in Interia.

If the player goes to Poznan for this amount, then Lech will break his record in transfers. In 2011, the Russian payment Robin Kazan One million euros for actor midfielder Radosław Murawski

Adriel D’Avila Ba Loua is 25 years old and plays as a right winger. He can also play left midfield or attack. He participated in three matches with the Ivory Coast national team. Transfermarkt is worth €2 million through a professional portal. Last season, he played in the colors of Victoria Bilzno in 39 matches. He scored eight goals and made six assists. This season he played in six matches – incl. In the four championships of European congresses, he scored one goal.

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After three rounds, Lech Poznan leads Premier League Seven points on the account. They have the same number of points Jagiellonia Bialystok and Pogoń Szczecin.