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Media Market in the hands of pirates. What about customer data?

Media Market in the hands of pirates.  What about customer data?

Cybercriminals attacked the European branch of Media Markt. We still shop in the store, although some services are not working. How to protect yourself if you have a store account?

Media Market was in serious trouble. The store has fallen victim to hackers – brand servers have been attacked before cell ransomware. Although the whole matter is still under investigation, it is very likely that the attack involved the theft of personal data of the brand’s customers.

According to the Niebezpiecznik portal, both European servers have fallen victim to hackers Media Market and SaturnSome of it is encrypted. This has resulted in ongoing failures of some services that employees use.

Photo by Pexels

Please be aware that due to the ongoing viral attack on some of our servers, starting this morning, some central systems (such as WWS, SAP and the like) may report unavailability or unavailability of some functionality. Related PL systems (for example, the functional part of an e-commerce board) may not function properly as a result

– Report to the Information Technology Department of Media Market.

The store received a ransom note in connection with the attack. Hackers are talking about the amount at the moment $240 million – According to Danger, the real ransom will be much lower.

Our data in Media Market is in danger?

At the moment, the attack does not affect the shopping in Media Markt – we can still use the stationary stores and the online store in Poland freely.

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However, if we have a store account, it is worth keeping in mind the risks of having our data seized by cybercriminals. So it is worth it for your peace of mind Change the password on the site We must also remember to create a different and complex password for each gateway on the network.

Where possible, let’s use two-factor authentication as well. Such a solution will come soon It will be mandatory for Google accounts:

Do you want to continue to use Google? You must take this important step


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