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Media: Mutiny in the Manchester United dressing room. Pogba responds quickly to football

Media: Mutiny in the Manchester United dressing room.  Pogba responds quickly to football

It was definitely one of the worst days ever Manchester United. The team led by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer suffered a 0:5 defeat against Liverpool on Sunday in the match that was held at Old Trafford. United’s biggest defeat in the England derby was at home. After this meeting, the future of the Norwegian coach at the club was called into question.

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Pogba has been accused of instigating a rebellion in United’s dressing room. The sharp reaction of the French

Manchester United authorities did not decide to shoot Ole Gunnara Solskjaera, But British media reported that the Norwegian had big problems anyway. According to the latest reports of the newspaper “The Sun”, the biggest stars revolted against the coach in the dressing room at United. That’s even more surprising because so far it seems that the 48-year-old’s biggest support has come from the dressing room and that’s the only reason he hasn’t lost his job yet.

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It was supposed to all start with Paul Pogba, who unleashed a very sharp foul during the match against him Liverpool. After the meeting ended, he was also supposed to behave badly, but this time towards Solskjaer. – In the dressing room, he apologized for the red card to his teammates and skipped Solskjaer. The Norwegian director has lost the support of older stars, according to British journalists. And in the “The Sun” appendix, it was recently announced that the French had halted contract talks with her Manchester United. His current contract is only valid until June 2022.

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On Wednesday, he himself took up the allegations Paul Pogba. The French vehemently denied any media reports regarding the conflict in the locker room and contract talks. “Big lies are making the headlines,” the soccer player wrote on Twitter and posted a photo of the article in The Sun. Make a longer statement on Instagram.

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The popular press again wants to create controversy based on 100 percent incorrect reports. Big lies just to write the title. Pogba wrote that journalists use my name for propaganda when there is no topic at all. – The only reason to point out this nonsense at all is because I respect my coach, the club and the fans. I want to send a clear message: the less these people read, the better. He added that they have no shame and will say anything without any basis.

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