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Media: The Poles Club may be liquidated! “There are a lot of people interested.” Becca Nona

Media: The Poles Club may be liquidated!  “There are a lot of people interested.” Becca Nona

Recently, American businessman Chris Kirkner expressed his interest in acquiring the club, but he has concerns about his financial situation. If the government agency HMRC does not approve a debt greater than the club’s current value, the debt may run out.

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Derby County strong problems

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that the club’s authorities are ready to sign the contract with HMRC, but so far it has not been possible to know its content. This is so important that no one wants to take over it Derby CountyIf his future is unknown. At the moment, it appears more likely that the club will be liquidated than continued in business.

The total value religion The English club reaches 60 million funtw. Half of that amount is owed to HMRC, another 20 million is owed to the investment group MSD Holding that owns the club, and the rest 10 million to the EFL.

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It is in MSD’s best interest that Derby survive. Then maybe they can get the money back. But for now, they are lending it to someone who is unable to give it back. Perhaps they will end up spending pointless money and quitting work. You must guarantee the powers of the club Tennis CourtThere is a real chance that the club will be able to leave the Board of Trustees. If they do not agree with HMRC, the chances of the club being liquidated are high – the Daily Mail reports.

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Little chance to save the club

The media reported that the only chance to save the club Kamel Joviac I Christiana Bellica There is an opportunity to renegotiate the amount of the debt. – There are a lot of people interested in buying the club, but at the moment it has no value, and from a commercial point of view, buying the club does not make sense – Informed Daily newspaper.

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At the beginning of this season championship the authorities leggy The club deducted as many as 21 points, of which 12 relate to the transition to receivership, and another nine for bypassing the financial rules of the league. Derby County has only one point in 20 games and is last in the table.

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