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Medicare providers in Whitetown: We don’t just change diapers

Medicare providers in Whitetown: We don't just change diapers
  • On Sunday in Biały Miasteczko 2.0, Medicare providers explained who a Medicare provider is, where he works and what his job is
  • As medical caregivers point out in their day-to-day work, they are guiding and supportive of patients, and assistants to doctors and nurses.
  • – Without us, health care would also stop – Medicare providers said, stressing that their work in the pandemic has not been appreciated by the government.

A medical guardian is a person who professionally helps a sick and dependent person to meet their basic life needs. Recognizes and solves problems in caring for a sick and dependent person. Agata Korniluk, who works in a social care home in Białystok, said Sunday (October 3) in Białyi Mysticzko 2.0 that he is someone whose fee helps with their biopsychosocial needs, and to assist medical staff during nursing procedures.

She noted that the profession of medical care provider was established in 2007 and was a response to the growing shortage of nurses in the Polish health care system.

– It is worth mentioning here that contrary to the rumors circulating, we do not intend to replace the nurses in their important and difficult work. It is our job to support and collaborate with them, said Agata Korniluk, a medical consultant.

The medical caregiver collides with patient helplessness and uncertainty

She explained that medical caregivers are the first to welcome a patient into the ward, show pre-positioned space, and help unload things.

Every time medical caregivers encounter fear, a feeling of helplessness and uncertainty for the patient. Our job is to calm him down. At DPS, we introduce you to the terrain of your new home, show you around, translate, and tell funny tales to relieve stress. We are doing our best to ensure that the first moments pass in a new place in an atmosphere of warmth and peace, to build the first shots that were not agreed upon.

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She stressed that this is especially true in the case of seniors who end up in nursing homes – overwhelmed by the whole situation, feeling neglected and unloved.

– A very important part of the caregiver’s job is to help the patient keep the body clean, prevent pressure sores, and take care of the condition and change of bed linen and toilet – reported the medical nurse.

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We are a sign and a rock for patients

Agnieszka Kielczyk, a medical guardian who works at the hospital, emphasized that a medical guardian is ‘not just a woman changing diapers or breastfeeding’.

We are often the first to notice a disturbing condition in patients – both physical and emotional. We are a milestone in recovery. Aside from the fact that we brief the patient on the topography of the hospital, we do health activities, but often replace beds – especially now, in difficult times. We are a rock in the moments before the operation and a helping hand after it. We are a shoulder to cry on during the tough times when a medical diagnosis doesn’t work. We often prepare the patient to go home, explain how to care for the stoma, how to care for the skin, and educate the family on how to care for a dependent person – said Agnieszka Kielczyk.

She added: – To the surprise of some we are not only diapers and washing. We stop talking about problems, keep our hands in the last moments of life, keep families comfortable, and suggest how to help and act in those last moments.

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Without us, healthcare would also stop

Medical guardian Agnieszka Kielczyk worked on the Covid ward.

– I don’t want to go back there for any money. I’ve seen a lot of people die. I was the one who held these people’s hands in the last moments when they couldn’t catch their last breath. I was the one who told my family over the phone that unfortunately it failed this time. I am very sorry that so far we have not observed as it should – she said.

Without us, health care would also cease to exist, because we are physician assistants and nurses, we help radiologists with patient transportation, along with physiotherapists, we get the patient back in shape and we are just as important as the rest of the health care workers. Together we fight for better conditions for everyone and for respect – Agnieszka Kielczyk, a paramedic, stressed during her speech at White Town 2.0.

You can listen to the full speech for medical care providers on the Biae Miasteczko 2.0 Facebook profile.

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