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Medvedev on relations with the United States: Once upon a time, a shoe in the UN worked well

Medvedev on relations with the United States: Once upon a time, a shoe in the UN worked well

On his Telegram channel, Medvedev responded to a question from the RIA regarding a possible START-3 deal, which could lead to a further reduction of US and Russia’s strategic weapons (so far, negotiations on this issue have not led to an agreement agreeable to both sides).

The former president of Russia insists that the decision in this matter will be with the president of Russia, but – he adds – in his opinion “the time for new negotiations is very difficult”.

“We have no relationship with the United States at the moment. They are zero on the Kelvin scale (absolute zero – Ed.)” – Medvedev added.

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Currently, according to the former Russian president, “there is no need to disable these statements.”

“There is no need to negotiate with them now, it is bad for Russia, let them come on their knees and ask for it, otherwise they will appreciate it as a special privilege. Let them appreciate such a conversation and listen to it, “Medvedev wrote.

There is no need to negotiate with them now. This would be bad for Russia. Let us kneel and listen

Dmitry Medvedev, former President of Russia

“By this, there is still a proven way to communicate with the United States in this matter – a shoe on a platform at the UN. It worked …” – he quoted Soviet leader Nikita as saying. Khrushchev attacked the podium during a debate at the UN General Assembly on decolonization.

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