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Meghan Markle asks Prince Harry to take a DNA test?! “The question about his father should be clarified.”

Meghan Markle asks Prince Harry to take a DNA test?!  “The question about his father should be clarified.”

Every now and then, most often on the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, the media write about her love life. Speculation returns about the Duchess’ close relationship with Officer James Hewitt and Ronald Reagan, England rugby captain Will Carling, butler Paul Burrell and Dodi Al Fayed. Especially Rumors about the first of them He returns regularly, as he is said to be Prince Harry’s biological father.

Years later, it was noticed that Harry and Hewitt not only share the red color of their hair, but also their fondness for playing polo and working in uniform. It is said that Prince Charles himself began to doubt his father.

Even Charles thinks he’s not sure of his paternity. Once Harry voluntarily wanted to take the test, but the Queen interfered and prevented the test – said the portal informant a year ago.

This case is particularly intriguing Meghan Marklewho began persuading her husband to finally undergo a DNA test.

I started putting pressure on Harry to take the audition. He believes that this matter must be clarified once and for all. If James Hewitt is found to be Harry’s real father, all their problems with the royal family will be resolved – Says the person associated with the couple.

Even the weekly “Globe” newspaper claims so Leaked Buckingham Palace documents reveal that Prince Harry is not Charles’ son. Prince William is said to know everything, but out of respect for his brother and deceased mother, he decided to remain silent.


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