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Meghan Markle cheers for Princess Charlotte at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, giving her a tender smile (VIDEO)

Meghan Markle cheers for Princess Charlotte at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, giving her a tender smile (VIDEO)

This is probably your 100th article on Harry, the funeral, etc. truly? Poodle, come up with these articles, and get down to some decent articles! Usually you get information from Instagram, where everyone can go in alone and understand, the flag of Ukraine even on the Polish holiday, the death of the queen, the funeral of the queen … It’s just boring, I have an idea, maybe you can start doing something good! You can organize some campaigns, for example, fundraise for a sick child, adopt a dog, educate the community about the environment, there are really many topics that may interest everyone and maybe learn something, you don’t have to write hate articles forever! We do not know the royal family, they do not live in Poland! You have said that the queen is dead, praise you for that and now the queen is buried and may this woman rest in peace, for she has had to hide much during her life, and is often a good face. If any of our editors have a little heart, please consider these good actions! If it wasn’t for such a box, it would have been less hateful! But everything is for sale, right? One day, when you are on your deathbed, God will hold you accountable for these hateful articles! Karma is back

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