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Meghan Markle Took ‘A Few Bags Of Clothes’ And A Photographer On A Charity Trip To Rwanda? “For hours, pictures of an actress embracing children”

Meghan Markle Took 'A Few Bags Of Clothes' And A Photographer On A Charity Trip To Rwanda?  "For hours, pictures of an actress embracing children"

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle In recent weeks they have once again found themselves in the spotlight of the global media. All thanks to the latest book Tom Power Attractive title “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War between Windsor”. In the publication of the British journalist there were many interesting stories about the prince, his wife and other members of the British royal family. Remember Bauer for example The famous wedding quarrel between Megan and Kate Middleton, Claiming that Markle was responsible for its launch. There were also stories about the beginnings of Meghan and Harry’s love. For example, the author described a 2016 weekend trip to Sandringham where Markle met Harry’s friends. However, they were not particularly happy with him…

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the media about the following parts of Tim Bauer’s book, this time about travel Meghan Markle for Rwanda. The former actress visited the African country in January 2016 for invitation Charity World Vision Canada. Then the celebrity was asked to take part in a special film promoting the charity’s activities of building a well in Africa. Bauer provided some interesting details about the future Duchess’s journey. Seems like the third actress in the league at the time clearly wanted To travel in true Hollywood style.

According to journalist Markle, she was supposed to fly first class to Rwanda and took a lot of baggage with her – as described by Bauer A few bags of clothes. Not only that, Megan was supposed to do it “insist” During the trip to Africa She was accompanied by a Canadian photographer, hairstylist and make-up artist. Once in her place, she had to spend many hours on photoshoots in perfect styling.

As Tom Power describes, Markle entered into a partnership with World Vision Canada thanks to the director of the KBS advertising agency, Matt Hassell, who suggested that she would be an ideal person to promote the organization’s activities. Megan was responding to the proposal very enthusiastically – in the book we can read that the future duchess spoke to producer Brenda Sorminsky only 30 minutes, Before agreeing to participate in a promotional campaign for the Foundation for building wells in poor villages.

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The said producer was originally supposed to be responsible for documenting Megan’s trip to Rwanda, but it turned out in the end that she wouldn’t be able to go on the trip. As a result, Markle traveled to Africa with a team of marketing directors from Canadian Foundation agencies and Gabor Gorina, photographer specializing in Fashion Sessions.

It seems that his hands are full in Africa. In her book, Power describes a case in which Megan recorded footage of African children playing with clean water. In a moment, the celebrities are small She “disappears” in order to take pictures for hours in the company of the youngest – which the photographer later posted on his website.

For hours, Jurina filmed the well-cared-for actress hugging, cuddling and smiling at the children living in the village. A British journalist writes.

Markle’s behavior was completely incomprehensible to the aforementioned product.

Sorminsky was surprised. The fact that celebrities are using abandoned African villages as a backdrop for their fashion shoots was shocking – The British journalist writes in his book.

As we can read in Bauer’s book, Brenda Sorminsky had completely strange feelings for Megan at the time. The woman was convinced that she was a celebrity “She is following a path with the vision that eventually something good will happen to her, but her purpose is unknown.”

It’s no secret that Meghan Markle has been involved in charity work even when she was only known as an actress. The star then described her experience on The Tig – emphasizing that she divides her life between “refugee camps and red carpets”.

Are you excited to see more details from the British journalist’s book?

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Harry, Harry, why did you do your best… You gave up on your family, thanks to them I owned everything and as soon as this lady used you, you wouldn’t have anything left… Even the children would stay with theirs. Mother, the queen can’t help it, Syrio sympathizes with him, the praying mantis:

There is no such thing as dressing up to hug poor children…

I am a working woman and I go to lunch – workers must eat!

Agnieszka Kaczorowska also took photographers on a vacation by the sea

The picture is overheating, but this lady was the first

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The poodle has stopped copying articles from pro-royal British newspapers

A massive recession looms. Within a year, every second pole will be out of work.

It’s boring to go to Meganas, I did not like her, but every member of the royal family lives like this. They earn money on this, on PR pictures and “being” in carefully selected styles. All parasites 🙂

This world is getting sick more and more. Many people still trust him.

Harry… the woman who made you disappear from the face of this earth couldn’t be good…

I can’t believe this nonsense, the author of the book probably sat in Meghan’s pocket knowing every second she did. This is the crap that people only buy

Or is he the only one who sees her as bereft of focus and a crafty professional, with no hint of sophistication and with a false smile?

sw org Zdr has declared its concern about the sudden increase in the number of monkeypox cases, dear ladies and gentlemen, we are in front of the second act of the play entitled Epidemics and Infinite Vaccines, Let’s Call the Disease What We Want, Let’s Call the Disease What We Want. Fear, lockdown, and dislocation during a pandemic, what times we live in, let us keep our eyes and ears wide open and remember to follow our logic and intuition, let us not let ourselves be fooled and manipulated again, good night ladies and gentlemen

DKJP, can people writing on the box build the sentences correctly??? Thank you, your life between refugee camps and red carpets???

Nobody who works for a chain of aid organizations has time for anything else. Even to improve my hairstyle.

Read something about the pseudo-British royal family, because they are German, not English! Kozon allowed his cousin to be killed, like his brother. So they looked alike. I’m talking about RONANÓW! Requests !!!! Windsor is a fictitious surname. They are feeding this hate against Meghan. Pity. And chatter swallows like a pelican. Attached……….

Children should be better, because someone will hug them and take a picture

It is interesting that she took a lot of pictures and none of them saw the light of day. There should be lawsuits regarding this ‘book’, not only from Harry and Meghan, but also from the entire royal family, as it is a mockery of the recipient of this ‘work’.

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