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Mephedrone – Effects and Effects of Taking Mephedrone – Zdroe Wprost

Mephedrone - Effects and Effects of Taking Mephedrone - Zdroe Wprost

Mephedrone is also called 4-MMMC. Mephedrone is considered a recreational drug, that is, it is consumed from time to time, for example at parties. Mephedrone, unlike, among others, marijuana, has no medicinal use.

What is mephedrone?

Mephedrone is a psychoactive drug that has similar effects to amphetamines, ecstasy and cocaine, but is cheaper than them, and the effects of its use appear after a few seconds. Mephedrone belongs to the group of stimulants, that is, strong stimulants, and to substances that cause strong social interactions. This drug makes people closed in on people open to new, outgoing contacts.

Mephedrone was manufactured as early as 1929, but was long lost. The first memories of her name in recent years date back to 2007, when she was discussed on Internet forums. In 2008, French police returned samples of confiscated drugs to the laboratory. The officers were sure it was a trance, but it turned out to be mephedrone. In the same year, there were reports of the substance being identified in several other European countries.

Mephedrone: take

Mephedrone can be taken in several forms: tablets, powder, capsules, crystals. It is most often taken orally or nasally – by dissolving a tablet in a drink or by swallowing it.

Mephedrone – chemical structure and method of admission

Mephedrone is a chemical compound derived from cathinone. They are known for their stimulating properties that stimulate the nervous system. Mephedrone is similar to amphetamine, which is a psychologically addictive drug.

Mephedrone: Effects and Symptoms of Taking

Mephedrone increases the level of dopamine in the body, and dopamine is called the “happiness hormone”. So does serotonin, as levels also increase after taking mephedrone. Its composition also includes proenkafilin, which has an analgesic and anxiolytic effect. After such a dose of various substances, a person is stimulated, ready for work, confidence in his abilities. He can study, work and play for a long time and not feel tired.

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After taking mephedrone, dilated pupils develop, a feeling of strength and potency. However, mephedrone has a short duration of action. When the effects disappear, anxiety, anxiety and memory impairment appear.

On the other hand, after stopping the use of mephedrone, the world loses its narcotic colors, it becomes difficult to tolerate, fear and anxiety appear instead of self-confidence. These differences demonstrate the highly addictive potential of mephedrone – and it is estimated that every third person who has tried it becomes addicted to it.

Serious Side Effects of Taking Mephedrone

Taking mephedrone makes your heart beat faster. The organism, especially the nervous system, is stimulated – a person under the influence of mephedrone may feel brighter, think faster, and communicate better. This is why drugs of this type are associated not only with event drugs, but also with drugs taken by students from highly demanding colleges, such as the law.

After you take mephedrone, your mind bounces and your body doesn’t feel the need to rest or sleep. Mephedrone causes the pupils to dilate and help focus, but it also distorts the nervous system. A person taking this medication may display aggressive behavior or feel anxious. With prolonged use, even depressive disorders or psychosis may appear. In addition, mephedrone produces a stronger sex drive.

Dependence on mephedrone leads to changes in body temperature, a significant decrease in weight, and also causes an irregular heartbeat. At some point the addict takes the drug not because he feels pleasure, but because he feels compelled to reach for it, because the body has become addicted to it. The drug addicts also happen to end up in a psychiatric hospital with advanced psychosis and severe mental disorders.

Mephedrone and Amphetamines

Mephedrone is a substance that acts like amphetamines. Known as the king of enhancers, it produces euphoria-like effects. Amphetamine, like mephedrone, invigorates the body, increases concentration and increases the feeling of physical fitness. However, this is a fictitious and temporary business. As the effects of mephedrone and amphetamine wear off, one develops confusion, anxiety, drowsiness, and disorientation. This prompts him to take the next dose of the drug, thus only one step away from addiction.

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Mephedrone: addictive effects

Long-term use of mephedrone may cause paranoia, hallucinations, and panic attacks. One such case in Poland was tumultuous. The 22-year-old was taken to a psychiatric ward as a result of taking an induction device, the main component of which was mephedrone. In the hospital, convinced that the medical staff was waiting for her life and wanted to poison her, she urged vomiting to avoid it.

In a person addicted to mephedrone, motor coordination is also disturbed, so that addicts forget how to perform automatic movements. Symptoms of mephedrone addiction are similar in this respect to those of Parkinson’s disease. In addition, since mephedrone does not cause hunger, people who are addicted to it often lose body weight.

Mephedrone stimulates the central heart and nervous system, which can lead to headaches, increased heart rate, and insomnia. The inhaled medicine causes nosebleeds and damages the tissues and internal structure of the nose. The drug also negatively affects the work of the kidneys and arteries. People who take mephedrone regularly often experience nausea, vomiting, and teeth grinding. Medication is also a factor that can cause depression. one of Research Published in the British Journal of Pharmacology notes that the effects of its use may be more serious than in the case of MDMA.

One study of people who took mephedrone showed:

  • 67 percent of them experienced excessive sweating
  • 51% of mephedrone users reported headache
  • Flickering occurred in 43 percent
  • 27 percent suffer from nausea
  • 15% have very cold blue toes

Injecting mephedrone into the body increases your risk of getting infections, sometimes as serious as HIV and hepatitis C. In contrast, damaged veins cause abscesses, blood clots, and gangrene.

drug contamination

There are many forms of the drug on the legal high market that may have similar effects to mephedrone, but it is not a drug. These are various other substances that are very dangerous and can lead to serious health effects and even death.

Deaths in the UK have occurred after taking mephedrone. There is even a name for the killer mephedrone, which warns against taking this drug.

Although the names are similar, they are two different substances. Mephedrone, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, has no medicinal use, while methadone is used medicinally. It belongs to the opioids, that is, very strong painkillers, and is also used to treat heroin addiction. It is a legal alternative offered in addiction treatment centers.

Mephedrone and alcohol

It is very dangerous to mix mephedrone with alcohol and other stimulants. The drug itself places a heavy burden on the body, after taking other substances the effects can be severe.

Mephedrone: treatment

Treatment for mephedrone addiction consists of two phases. First, it is necessary to cleanse the body of toxins and cleanse it of this substance. Because his symptoms are not easily tolerated and get them ready to take the drug again, addicts are given pharmacological agents to relieve these symptoms and help them stay in rehab. A detox is followed by psychotherapy, the duration of which depends on the individual and their response to treatment.

When treating addiction to mephedrone, medications may be given to relieve any other health problems such as depression and resulting anxiety.

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