July 27, 2021

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Mexico.  A two-year-old boy was found next to a truck carrying migrants

Mexico. A two-year-old boy was found next to a truck carrying migrants

Mexican services found a two-year-old boy near a truck in which more than a hundred migrants were driving in appalling conditions. The car stopped at the request of the people being transported, who began to suffocate and lose consciousness. Most of the adults ran away, and none of them admitted their relationship with the child.

The boy was not wearing a shirt and was standing near a pile of rubbish, empty bottles, and damaged clothes. He held his face in his hands. The National Institute for Migration (INM) – an agenda of the Mexican authorities under the Ministry of the Interior – posted a blurred photo of the boy on social media.

“None of the adults admitted to being close to the child”

By the time officials arrived, most of the immigrants had fled, but eight adults from Central America remained. They said they were driving a crowded truck and several people fainted due to lack of air and dehydration. People demanded the driver to stop. The National Press Institute reports that one of the people who drove the truck died.

“None of the adults has admitted to having a connection with the child,” the institute said in a statement. She added that the authorities are in contact with the Guatemalan consulate because they suspect the boy is from there.

According to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), thousands of unaccompanied children illegally moved from Mexico to the United States this year.

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Main image source: twitter.com/INAMI_mx