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Michael Pirouge highly criticizes the participant of “Top Model”

Michael Pirouge highly criticizes the participant of "Top Model"

Santa Clause He caused a real storm on the network when photos of a dog caught on a chain appeared on his social media profile. participant behaviortop modelThey wrote: “The Animal Protection Inspectorate of Lower Silesia ruled with strong words.” It seems to you that you are dealing with an ordinary boy, and yet it is someone from the Neolithic age whose dog collapses while holding him on a chain.” Mikowaj Schwetke explained how the animal was treated, but for many people it only made matters worse. He decided to treat everything Michel Pirouge. “Mikowag, really? I’m more than devastated”—he began his entry.

Michał Piróg comments on the behavior of Mikołaj Smozek, who carries the dog on a chain

After the attack of netizens and the words of the Animal Protection Inspectorate in Lower Silesia, Mikowaj Šveti Andrei decided to explain his position.

It started with a dog that was chained up because it was aggressive towards other dogs.

“The situation is that the day before I added two Instastors, which shows that the dog is tied to the house with a chain and a rope. This is because, as a colleague already pointed out, I have other dogs who do not get along with this, and a solution to this situation had to be found. The moment the older dog comes out, Peggy is restrained because they are biting.” He said, adding that the dog was not leashed the whole time.

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You can find the rest of the article below the video:

The Animal Protection Inspectorate of Lower Silesia noted his words:

“When your dog shows behavior problems, go to a behaviorist, don’t limit him!” I wonder if in the future you will hang your child on the radiator when he gets into a fight at school or you have educational problems with him ”- he was asked.

Photo: Instagram / diozpl

Smiling Santa Claus holding a dog on a chain

Later translations by Mikołaj Smrzydek only added fuel to the fire.

“The dog is out because it’s his choice. The breeds he mixes with are made for space, they want to defend their territory. You don’t know how it is, life doesn’t go on on the internet, where the fact that there’s a story with a dog in a kennel doesn’t mean it’s there 24 hours a day, and I’m listening to this stuff now. The fact that you feel cold in freezing temperatures and that you are indulging in the silt with the old man on the sofa is not my fault. Some obsess over people, needless to explain. People have different opinions, and some think kennels are immoral, and this is just a dog house.” He said.

Michał Piróg, who has been involved in the defense of animal rights for many years and supports the “Let’s break the chains” campaign, commented on his Instagram profile. The participant in the program was severely criticized.

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“You can’t love him when he’s young and keep him at home. Sleep with him, cuddle him, take pretty pictures on insta. Then throw him outside and lock him up in a kennel, plus a chain.. a creature that didn’t deserve it though it deserved it Millions of people think differently . I thought you were a little different. I finished writing here, because I don’t want to be insulted and insulted…” – attached.

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