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Michał Szpak New Year’s Eve 2021 – Woman in INTERIA.PL

Michał Szpak New Year's Eve 2021 - Woman in INTERIA.PL

Violetta Vilas was a singer known in Poland and abroad with a very wide range of voices and an absolute ear. Thanks to this, she was able to sing not only folk music, but also operas and operettas. Violetta gained fame not only in Poland, and foreign media called her “the voice of the atomic age.” She has successfully performed on Broadway, among others.

In the seventies she returned to Poland. I dreamed of creating a play on the banks of the Vistula. Her lush hair and love of bright, colorful clothes did not match the socialist gray. The authorities censored her songs and made her career difficult. For many years he was ridiculed and misunderstood. Even towards the end of her life, she gained media attention due to the living conditions and the number of animals she takes care of. Despite this, her creativity and talent were appreciated by fans and critics. The last public show of Violetta Villas was held on February 14, 2011, marking the fiftieth anniversary of her artwork. At that time, she was awarded the Silver Medal for Recognition of Culture – Gloria Artes.

The fact that the Violetta Villas song was performed by Michel Zabbak has a Ramsey dimension. The artist also had to contend with unfavorable opinions, since his style was too individualistic for some. When he first appeared on stage during the qualifying round for X Factor, the audience responded with a vehement disapproval. The young peasants, with their long hair, multiple rings and necklaces, make-up, and black manicure, did not inspire the confidence of the people sitting in the hall until he sang… The jury and the audience mesmerized by his voice, but Maja Sablouska ordered him to take off his jewels. Szpak finished second in the program finals. The voice and talent made the artist successful, and the unique style became his trademark.

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Yesterday evening, during the New Year’s Eve party organized by Polsat, Michał Szpak sang Violetta Vilas’ song “Kiss”. He drew everyone’s attention to his styling. The artist’s hair was so reminiscent of the hairstyle that Violetta Vilas wore, Szpak even had a special feature, unruly curls on his forehead. , which imitated a dress with wide sleeves and feathers, which the singer will definitely like. Mishaw Szpak’s appearance and selection leave no doubt that her performance was a tribute to the singer who was pushed into her memory on the tenth anniversary of her death.

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