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Microsoft is likely to suspend Xbox accounts and distribute bans. Significant increase in activity compared to 2021

Microsoft is likely to suspend Xbox accounts and distribute bans.  Significant increase in activity compared to 2021

Microsoft has published a Digital Transparency Report, in which it presents its activities in the first half of 2022, with the aim of improving the security and convenience of Xbox owners.

The most important information in the said report is the data on the number of actions taken against Xbox One and Xbox Series X | users S who have broken the rules of the Microsoft platform, for example by using cheats, harassing other people, or posting spam. The Redmond Giant states in a document that this is so Performed such actions as many as 4.78 million times, Most often by temporarily suspending user accounts. The company is proud of that Significantly intensifying activities in this field compared to the same period in 2021 (Out of 533,000 actions taken in January-June 2021, the company has reached the level of 4.78 million.)

Microsoft took action 199,000 times in the distribution of pornographic content, 87,000 times in fraud-related cases and 54,000 times in the category of harassing other users. The report also includes information that the number of reports of violations of the regulations by players is decreasing. There are 36% fewer such reports year on year.

It’s good that Microsoft is stepping up its efforts to combat fraud and cheaters on the Xbox platform. However, sometimes the company seems to show overzealousness, as in the case of the porn screenshots from Yakuza Kiwami 2, which we wrote about here.

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