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Mikołaj Roznerski’s hot romance with another actress, apart from M jak miłość! Adriana Kalska will have to look at it – VIDEO

Mikołaj Roznerski's hot romance with another actress, apart from M jak miłość!  Adriana Kalska will have to look at it - VIDEO

Author: Artrama
Mikołaj Roznerski’s hot romance with another actress, apart from M jak miłość! Adriana Kalska will have to watch this

Mikołaj Roznerski and Adriana Kalska are in love not only with “M jak miłość”, but also especially. For years, Marcin and Iza from “M jak miłość” have been one of the beloved serial couples. But that may change soon! Because on the set of another production in the new season, after the summer of 2021, Rosnersky’s hot romance with another actress will erupt. His true lover, and in “M jak miłość” also his wife, Adriana Kalska, has to see how he will fall more and more in love with a beautiful woman like her. I think everyone can guess who it is! Here are the details of the most emotional love story in the series!

Who will Mikowaj Rosnersky be romantic with in the series? What about his on-screen marriage with Adriana Kalska?

Mikowaj Rosnerski is not just Marcin Chudakovsky in “M jak miłość”! In the new season, after the holidays of 2021, the actor will also spark the imagination of all viewers as sexy policeman Peter Corban in the movie “For Good and Evil”. The inspector, who caught the attention of the charming and beautiful Hania Sikorka (Marta Umoda Trzypatowska), would surely stop at nothing to get her. And he will not even be upset by the fact that Hania is preparing to marry Mikhail Wilchevsky (Mateusz Janicki). Pewter’s clever and tempting tricks will work on Hania so effectively that she’ll end up in bed with him!

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The trailer for “Good and Evil” after the summer holidays reveals love scenes with Hania and Karban ahead of the wedding. Marta Umoda Trzebyatovska revealed in “Kulisach” Na dobre i na bad that her heroines will face more and more heart problems, and that courtship with Pewter will become more and more dangerous. – On the one hand, she is preparing for the wedding, on the other hand, a policeman begins to stir her heart. I sincerely invite you to support Matogic or Pewter said the actress.

For better or worse after the 2021 holidays. Hania will not free herself from Qurban! The policeman will take it from Leśna Góra – VIDEO

Although in “M jak miłość” will not miss Marcin and Iza, because their marriage will survive the crisis and will be able to arrange everything After Chodakowski accused his wife of infidelity, Rosnersky will definitely be lower in the series. But that doesn’t mean he left out “M jak miłość” altogether! None of these things! Iza and Marcin’s thread will not go away in the new season after the 2021 holiday. But Adriana Kalska will also have to share her darling Mikoovedaj with Marta Żmuda Trzebiatowska. The three actors are all professionals and can separate their professional and private lives!

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