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Miller’s profession – well-paid, but forgotten. You can earn 10000. Zloty

Miller's profession - well-paid, but forgotten.  You can earn 10000. Zloty

The miller profession has clearly changed its face in recent years. Grain mills are now modern workplaces that ensure high and attractive profits for employees. However, it turned out that Poland still lacked candidates who could take a position at technologically advanced production plants.

A professional mill is a well-paid job that no longer resembles the stereotype of a craftsman carrying heavy bags of grain or flour. Modern mills are distinguished by an automated production line and technology that can only be operated by properly prepared people. It is difficult to find such in our country, because professional training in this field has been abolished. The Polish Association of Employers of the Grain and Milling Industry is demanding its return.

Miller – a modern and profitable profession

Polish grain mills are having trouble finding employees, although the salary offered as a mill is so Double the national average, and even more. However, this problem concerns not only our country. It turns out that schools teaching professional mills are also closed in other countries.

Either closed or reclassified and educating young people in other food processing occupations, but not mills

– He indicated in an interview with Newseria Krzysztof Gwiazda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Polish Association of Employers of the Grain and Milling Industry. He also added that the mill is now A modern and demanding professionwhich guarantee relatively high wages, should be particularly attractive to young people. Currently, candidates for positions in grain mills are trained as apprentices, but the level of preparation for work is insufficient. The Polish Association of Employers of the Grain and Milling Industry proposed the Ministry of National Education with a proposal to discuss the resumption of education in this profession.

There are no workers in the mills

Cereal plants in Poland, as well as in other EU countries, are struggling more and more acute The problem of underemployment. The abolition of professional training for mills translated into a decrease in the number of applicants, and above all people suitably qualified for the position.

Experienced employees of active grain mills are getting old, people Retires, a Positions awaiting young willing caliphs. Thus, the need to revive vocational education, reported by the Polish Association of Employers of the Grain and Milling Industry, seems fully justified.

We have to convince young people to come to this job

– Krzysztof Guizda confirmed in an interview with the news agency. He added that modern machines will never be able to replace human labor and even advanced automation does not solve the problem of staff shortages.

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author:Magdalena Brzezinska

Main image source: Sigrid Gumpert / Getty Images

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