July 28, 2021

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"Millionaires".  The million dollar question.  The Caribbean manatee, like the African manatee, has only its front limbs.  And Azerbaijani manatees, just like Turkmens

“Millionaires”. The million dollar question. The Caribbean manatee, like the African manatee, has only its front limbs. And Azerbaijani manatees, just like Turkmens

Create questions in the program “Millionaires” She surprised viewers more than once. In episode 398 of the popular game show, a question was asked about a million zlotys. Maciej Adamski heard them, who can talk about true happiness, but also great knowledge. The participant broke into all the questions, and sometimes gave an answer before Hubert Urbaski He has read all four possible variants. That was the case Questions about the smallest perfect number. On the road He also took a little risk, as in the case of an order of 250,000. How did he do in the last question and is there any left? millionaire?

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This can’t be “unspecified”, that is, TV mistakes that we will remember for a long time

“Millionaires”. The first question and the circuit. Hubert couldn’t stand it: Seriously?

“Millionaires”. The million-dollar question for the Azerbaijani sheep was a problem

Mr. Maciej did so well in the game that he came to a question about a million people with his last lifeline, which was a phone call to his friend. At the end of the previous episode, Maciej answered the question with half a million: What is the top element of the Burj Khalifa?? Since the beginning of this episode, Hubert Urbański has transformed the atmosphere by asking how a participant feels in a situation where they might become a millionaire in an instant.

I dreamed about this question. Only now I’m a little afraid of him, said Mr. Maciej.

The question was very confusing.

The Caribbean manatee, like the African manatee, has only its front limbs. The Azerbaijani manatee is like the Turkmen:

  • A: It has both front and back
  • B: exchange the ruble
  • A: It covers the whole body
  • D: He’s alone
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The participant decided to use the last lifebuoy – there was a last chance to do this. He called his son-in-law, but did not know the answer to the question. At that time, Mr. Maciej was on his own.

I was afraid of this question, but I don’t think I’m afraid anymore. I don’t know at all. I have a feeling this is B, he said, but I won’t answer.

Although Maciej trusted his intuition many times in “Millionaires”, this time he decided not to risk it. Quit answering the question and keep 500,000 PLN.

The correct answer to the million dollar question about manatee

But it turned out that intuition did not leave the player until the last moment. After checking the correct answer, Hubert Urbański grabbed his face. The correct answer was B: it replaced the ruble.

If you keep playing… you will have a million zlotys. Masek, well…it is, but it’s not too bad. Half a million zlotys is great money, a great victory. You are definitely worth such a big amount. I’m asking a huge round of applause for Macy’s! – This is how Urba excellentski summed up this excellent performance.

It was very close, but Maciej Adamski did not join the group of millionaires. So far, three people have won the main prize in the game show.

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“Millionaires”. million questions

There were three winners of the Polish version of the program “Milionerzy”. I remember that Krzysztof Wójcik became the first millionaire in the history of our country thanks to the game show from Szczecin. The next win was just eight years later and One million zlotys went to Maria RomanK Two years ago, in March, she joined the lucky group Katarzyna Kant-Wysocka, answers the million-dollar question about the mystery of the Glorious Rosary.

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“Millionaires”. He knew the answer before the variables appeared

In October last year, Hubert Urbansky asked the Million Dollar Question twice. David Michalowski had to answer Question about the Jewish Festival of Lights. The million dollar question about Hanukkah seemed easyDawid, however, did not win the million and left the program with a check for 40,000 PLN. On the other hand, ukasz Grymuza did not want to take the risk The Million Dollar Question About Fruit And after calling a friend, stop playing. Thus, she became richer by half a million zlotys.