September 23, 2021

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"Millionaires".  The participant did not know who Bizet was.  Viewers are highly critical of the lack of knowledge.  "Romanistka. A terrible shame"

“Millionaires”. The participant did not know who Bizet was. Viewers are highly critical of the lack of knowledge. “Romanistka. A terrible shame”

W “Millionaires” You not only need to show a lot of knowledge, but also to control your temper and have your own strategy. There are only three lifebuoys and you need to know how to properly break them down into 12 questions that separate them from the main prize. Sara Kwiecińska, a participant whose game we can watch on Tuesday’s episode of the game show, decided to trust her intuition and flagged one of the answers incorrectly. Viewers criticized her for the “embarrassing lack of knowledge”, but the question was not entirely simple.

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“Millionaires”. Slang “RiGCz” it? The younger generation will know the answer

“Millionaires”. The participant did not know Bizet. Viewers criticize

The unfortunate question that Sarah said goodbye to “millionaires” related to a French composer and was as follows:

What is Georges Bizet’s “Pearl Hunters”?

with a picture

sculptural group

C opera

NS. suntime

The participant’s first link was a photo. Although she wasn’t sure, and had a bunch of lifebuoys, she decided to trust her intuition and noticed that A.’s answer. Critical comments were sprinkled on the “Millionaires” fan page. Viewers of the game show did not utter the words:

More old people should be invited to this programme, as well as representatives of lesser-known professions, fewer leaf-readers, and ferns without any familiarity with the primary culture.

Smart after graduation..and she’s Romanian, well, a comedian.

Young people immersed in the Internet, they know nothing.

Terrible shame.

– These are just some of the sentences in which netizens describe the participant’s game.

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“Millionaires”. Controversial ruling interrupted the game of the promising contestant

However, it is easy to judge players “Millionaires” when you do it while sitting on a comfortable sofa in front of the TV, without pressure from the audience and realizing that each movement is monitored by several cameras. And even more so, despite the fact that the question about which the participant withdrew was equal to 2000. PLN, she could also hear it at a much higher amount. Unfortunately, the lottery is often in this game show. And then, instead of criticism, she would have heard the congratulations on getting this far. Regarding the third question, the participants are still under a lot of pressure, and therefore do not always think clearly. Instead of criticizing, it is worth remembering.