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Millions of dollars for the Polish Football Association. Colisa: Souza won’t even get french fries

Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej otrzyma z FIFA 10,5 mln dolarów za awans na tegoroczny mundial. Jak zapewnia prezes Cezary Kulesza, nawet złotówki nie dostanie z tej puli trener Paulo Sousa, który prowadził Biało-Czerwonych w eliminacjach, a potem na własne życzenie rozwiązał kontrakt.

The Polish Football Association will receive $10.5 million from FIFA for promotion to this year’s World Cup. As CEO Cesari Colizza confirmed, coach Paulo Sousa, who led the Polish team in the qualifying rounds, would not even receive zlotys from this pool, and then terminated the contract at his request.

The money of FIFA has not yet reached Poland, but soon we will receive 10.5 million dollars, which PZPN will pay to players and the national team for successes related to the promotion to the World Championships in Qatar – reports Kulesza in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita”.

“Each World Cup Finalist automatically receives $9 million and $1.5 million in rewards. The total is $10.5 million.” Kulesza said. “From this amount, the federation will pay the players and staff of the national team promotion bonuses.”

When asked about the amount of the bonus, the president of the Polish Football Association replied that the information was confidential. He adds that “the decision will be made by the team board headed by Robert Lewandowski. They have their own internal rules and regulations, so they will certainly establish a fair division.”

The newspaper asked Colizza about the division of money between the coaches: Paulo Sousa, who led the team in ten matches, and Ceslav Mičnivic, who made his first appearance as a coach in the play-off games he won against Sweden.

“Sousa won’t even get french fries. When he decided to leave the Polish national team and go to Brazil, difficult negotiations began over the terms of termination.” Kulesza said.

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“I couldn’t imagine that in this case we would pay extra for the fact that he left us so much trouble. We have nothing to do with him anymore, neither in legal nor financial matters.” – stressed the President of the Polish Football Association.

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