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Minimum wage in health care. Including, among other things the government will take care of

Minimum wage in health care.  Including, among other things the government will take care of

A draft amendment to the Minimum Wage Law in Healthcare, Prevention Program for Persons 40 Plus or Program for the Construction or Modernization of Railway Stations for the period 2021-2025 – these are some of the projects that the government will deal with at its Wednesday meeting.

The government will also deal with a draft amendment to the Cabinet’s bylaw regarding the detailed scope and methods of implementing certain tasks of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernizing Agriculture. It provides for the possibility of granting aid in the form of subsidies to beekeepers and farmers who have suffered losses in 2020, as a minimum. Due to dehydration.

A project that suggests that The rate of assistance per remaining bee colony was PLN 20. In order to feed a bee colony in the fall and winter seasons, it is necessary to purchase 10-15 kg of sugar, the cost of which is about 25-37.50 Polish zlotys. The aid may interest more than 82,000. Beekeepers.

Also, this support is intended for farmers whose crops have been damaged as a result of unfavorable weather events in 2020, and therefore will not receive the necessary funds to resume agricultural production or, in the case of animal production, to purchase lost fodder. The rate of assistance is proposed to vary depending on the crop and the amount of damage, and ranges from 500 PLN to 1,200 PLN per hectare.

In addition, the proposed regulation will allow for assistance In the form of subsidies for interest on loans to buy shares in cooperatives involved in the processing of agricultural products or the processing of fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

The meeting will also include a draft amendment to the law on the method of determining the minimum basic salary for some employees working in health care entities and the law to amend some laws in order to ensure the state of an epidemic threat or epidemic that affects the medical staff during the period of announcing the status of the epidemic threat or the state of the epidemic for the medical staff is a result The trio team worked to protect health.

The proposals include, among other things, an increase in labor transactions for all occupational groups. According to the Ministry of Health, thanks to the proposed changes, from 1 July 2021, no medical worker or primary activity of a healthcare entity will be able to earn a base salary less than that stipulated in the Law of June 8, 2017.

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In addition, the project assumes “an amendment of the legal mechanism to ensure that wage conditions for people covered by wage regulations based on separate funding streams do not deteriorate until mid-2021”. Among them are nurses, midwives, paramedics, and medical professionals.

On March 17th, the tripartite team supported the initiation of the procedure presented at the meeting on February 26th this year. Suggestions for the Ministry of Health.

They assumed, among other things, that it was July 1 of this year A doctor or dentist who has obtained a second-class specialty or the title of specialist in a specific field of medicine will have a minimum salary specified in PLN 6769 (Factor 1.31). According to the Ministry’s estimates, the average amount of total salaries (i.e. basic salaries plus allowances and hours of work) is approx. PLN. The regulation currently in force provides for a basic salary for this group that, as of December 31, 2021, is not less than 6563 PLN (index 1.27).

In the replay A doctor with a first degree of specialty from July will earn a minimum wage of 6201 PLN on the index of 1.20. According to the current regulations, the ratio is 1.17 and the amount is PLN 6046.

In addition, in February the ministry proposed that a non-specialist doctor or dentist receive a minimum wage of 5,478 PLN (index 1.06) as of July this year, with an average gross salary of 9,200 PLN. . Currently, regulations stipulate that as of December 31 the index will be 1.05 and the amount of PLN 5426. On the other hand, a trained physician will receive PLN 4186 instead of PLN 3772 (index rose to 0.81 from 0.73) from the middle of this year.

The ministers will also deal with the prevention program for people over the age of 40 and lift the restrictions imposed on financing health care services in the field of specialized outpatient care.

These are the changes that found their way to the Polish Lada. The program recognizes the field of health as one of the pillars. Last Saturday, Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki and Law and Justice Party Chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski announced an increase in spending on health (7% of GDP in 2027) and the launch of a preventive screening program funded by public funds for people over the age of 40. Such diagnoses “must be accompanied by regular examinations in the field of occupational medicine in which the largest possible number of Poles participate”.

Another change in the strategy was included in the removal of restrictions on specialists – extending outpatient care and abolishing admission limits for patients under the age of 18. Next, we plan to raise the cap for all Poles. The effect of this change will be shorter lines He reassured the Ministry of Health.

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The government will also deal with the draft decision to create a “program for the construction or modernization of railway stations for the years 2021-2025”, which includes a proposal for 200 investment in the construction and reconstruction of new railway stations. Or update.

The discontinuation program that was announced at the beginning of May of last year includes a proposal of 200 investments. This is the construction of 104 new stations and on a new site, 45 stations are being rebuilt or modernized, while the platforms in 51 sites will be expanded or rebuilt.

Public consultations on the program for the construction and modernization of railway stations ended in February of this year.

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe will allocate approximately 1 billion Polish zlotys of its own funds to implement the program, which has been developed in the Ministry of Infrastructure. It is the first independent rail infrastructure program to be implemented with the company’s own funds on such a large scale.

On Wednesday, the government will deal with a draft amendment to the law on the departments of rural housewives, according to which the Minister of Agriculture will supervise these departments. So far, KGW has been under the responsibility of the Minister of Regional Development.

The draft outlines the provisions regarding representation of the department before it is entered into the registry. The regulations in force assume that until the club is registered and its bodies are elected, it is represented by the founding committee. The bill adds provisions that take into account those departments that the board of directors has chosen to represent before submitting an application for registration in the registry.

One of the most important changes introduced to the bill is the change in the jurisdiction of the authority to make decisions regarding the entry of rural housewives’ clubs into the registry and the granting of financial aid. It was suggested that the authority making these decisions be the head of the ARMA Bureau for the provinces. At the same time, the supreme organ in this regard will be the director of the regional branch of ARMA.

The ministers will also discuss the draft resolution on the Polish Crafts Incubator, its purpose, among other things, to promote cooperation between craft organizations and the public sector. The program offered by the Ministry of Labor and Technology Development is supposed to support the development of craft organizations as “strategic partners of the state in the development of entrepreneurship and dual vocational education.”

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The program includes, among other things, assistance with holding competitions for craft occupations to arouse youth interest in learning the trade. The Ministry of Development also indicated, among the important elements of the program, the provision of trade unions with office information technology equipment in relation to the need for remote work, as well as legal and economic advice to entities associated with the trade unions.

The government will also deal with a draft amendment to the Civil Procedures Law prepared by the Ministry of Justice. This draft amends Polish judgments with the judgments of the European Union Court of Justice issued on the basis of cases from Poland and Germany. It goes, among other things, on the issue of proceedings in disputes against consumers, when we deal with a bill of exchange.

In accordance with the provisions issued by CJEU, it is necessary to provide the court with the ability to review the content of the contract, including the declaration of a promissory note, in order to exclude that it contains unfair contract terms. The main point of the amendment in relation to the provisions of CJEU is to impose an obligation on the plaintiff to attach the statement of claim to an agreement whereby the claim is secured with a promissory note with a bill of exchange and attachments, if the debtor is consumed. Due to the fact that the prohibited clauses can be found not only in the contract itself, but also in the promissory note and the attachments, the project provides for the obligation to attach these documents as well. Explains the justification for the project.

In addition, the project provides, inter alia, with clarification of the applicant’s right from the European Union to apply for reimbursement of translation costs for the necessary documents that justify the request to grant the right to assistance in the proceedings in Poland. It would also allow the parties to effectively send pleadings to court at Polish postal contact points for all postal operators within the meaning of the Postal Act.

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