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Minneapolis Police Instructor Says Conspiracy To Kill George Floyd | The world

This Tuesday (6), Johnny Mersel, Who is a police instructor Shortness of breath was used against Floyd – Kneel on the neck of the person approaching – is Outside of corporate standards.

George Floyd Police Officer Derek Chow is immobile – Photo: Journal National / Breeding

According to Mersel, there is a recommendation for police officers to be pressed to the knees Back or shoulders To control the suspect who presents the resistance.

“But we ask the police to stay away from the neck as much as possible,” the instructor reinforced.

In addition, other evidence collected by investigators throughout the process and released on Tuesday shows that Derek Suu Kyi received training in 2016 on how to deal with people in nervous crises. In the process, police learn techniques for approaching suspects, and according to instructor Mersil, they are taught to use minimal force and save lives.

Attorney Eric Nelson argues that the Mersil version is contrary to Suu Kyi’s security – the procedures used by the fired police officer are taught within the company.

Floyd case: The police chief claims that the accused agent violated the policies

However, members of the Minneapolis Police Department have been pushing for Floyd’s custody to be violated. On Monday, the head of the corporation, Mataria Aradonto, described Suu Kyi’s behavior.This is not part of our training, It’s definitely not part of our ethics and values. ” Review the video above.

A few hours after his arrest, Aradonto said he was shocked when he first saw a video of a witness showing the death in white. Minutes and 29 seconds.

Struggles against racism

Holds a poster with a portrait of George Floyd during the June 2020 protests in New York – Photo: Angela Weiss / AFP

Formed the death of George Floyd Struggles against racism and police violence It spread throughout the United States and to other parts of the world. Other events throughout the year amplified the revelations, and The agenda entered the 2020 presidential race, Won by the Democrats Joe Biden.

Remember in the video below

The death of George Floyd by white police officers in the United States has become a symbol of the anti-racist struggle

The death of George Floyd by white police officers in the United States has become a symbol of the anti-racist struggle

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