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Mioduski reveals another scandal in Legia. Class with Michniewicz Football

Mioduski reveals another scandal in Legia.  Class with Michniewicz Football

One of the main problems Legia Warsaw, which is in the relegation zone in the middle of the season, there are missed moves. There were voices in the media that it did not meet the expectations of then coach Czeslau Michnivic. The coach himself did not get along with Radoslav Kucharski and did not even know who would go to the club. At #LegiaTalk on Twitter Dariush Miodowski He decided to talk about what the summer transfer period looks like from his point of view.

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Leicester – Legia. Miodosky’s Silly Interview. And on the field, shame!

Dariush Miodowsky revealed the scandal in Legia. Ceslav Miccinovic had to give the names of possible transfers in the media

– employment [Czesław Michniewcz – przyp. red.] He was actually very negative about these things. Only after our minor altercation at the start of the season, with his complaints in the media about the lack of amateurs, was the first time an email was actually sent to Radek Kucharski Six locations he will see reinforcements on. In the end, he said, eight were reinforced, not six.

First purges in Ligia. Three players on their way out of the club

The head of Legia also referred to allegations that these movements were not consulted with the coach. During the conversation, Marcin Szymczyk of revealed that Michniewicz knew of Yuri Ribeiro’s arrival already at the time of his arrival. Why did such situations happen?

– Transfers are very difficult and confidentiality is very, very important. We had a situation with previous transfers of a player or two players, when after consulting the coach, the names began to appear in the market and we lost these transfers. Despite the fact that coach Mischnowitz complained that this information did not come from him, it usually appears in the media, which was friendly, and this means that there was some mistrust when it came to this cooperation and exchange of information. That’s why, unfortunately, we waited a bit until the last minute – the boss clarified and added it Michniwich He worked with the sports department to develop player profiles, but the realization was very different.

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Romeo Jozak returns to the coach.  It's back to the old trashRomeo Jozak returns to the coach, but not only. double position

“Unfortunately, I must say there was a lack of confidence on both sides and it was a big problem for the club, for me, for everyone,” Miodowsky suggested.

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