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Miski Granny 2021. We know the first artists

Miski Granny 2021. We know the first artists

The hallmark of Mskie Grania since its inception is the discreet musical collaboration, a mixture of different styles and artistic experiments and the Mskie Granie Orkiestra set, referenced in every issue since 2014, which can only be heard at concerts that are held as part of a tour. It will be no different this year, especially since many young artists will appear on stage, proving how rich the original Polish music can be. This year, Miski Grani will visit four Polish cities: Krakow (6-7 August, Museum of Aviation), Warsaw (13-14 August, Tor Suewiec), Pozna (20-21 August, Cytadela Park) and باركywiec (27-28 August, Coliseum near Grójec), from 28 August The live broadcast will be performed.

Each event will feature four solo concerts, and the evening will culminate with a performance by the Musky Granny Orchestra. This year, there is an unprecedented situation, as two orchestras will perform regularly: Mskie Granie Orkiestra 2020, which was shown last year, due to the pandemic, only during the streaming concert in Żywiec, and Mskie Play Orkiestra 2021. That means on Fridays You will be able to hear the Mskie Granie Orkiestra 2020 made up of: Daria Zawiao, King, Ego, Kasia Biszek, Piotr Rubik, Jacob Voytas, Thomas Fitz, Misha Koch, Monica Mock and Eric Kubera. On Saturdays, a brand new band will be introduced to the public, which we will meet on June 30 during the premiere of the single.

New faces on the Miski Grani Road 2021

This year Mskie Granie will once again be a true musical melting pot. Artists who have been present on the project stage for many years will present on one stage: David Podsiado, Brodka, Organic, Artur Rojcic, Daria Zawiu, Zalowsky, King, Maria Peszek, Natalia Przebiz and Ralph Kaminsky. In addition, the audience will be able to hear musicians who do not appear regularly on Mskie Granie, some of whom will perform on tour for the first time. Play in four cities: Baasch, Bluszcz, Jarecki, Kasia Lins, Kaka Sochacka, Kwiat Jaboni, Muchy, Niemoc + gocie and Shyness! and WaluKraksaKryzys, Vito Bambino, and Zdechy Osa.

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– Artists representing different generations and musical styles have appeared at Mskie Granie for years – says ywiec brand manager, Dorota Nowakowska. Our bands rely on these unclear connections. This year, two are on tour, which will certainly be a real pleasure for fans of the project. A truly memorable route is being prepared – Nowakowska adds.

Watch the video

Mskie Granie Orkiestra – An unusual history of the formation of the band [Popkultura Extra]

Mskie Granie tickets. Pre-sale starts June 21

Pre-sale tickets will start on June 21 at 12.00 and will last until 23.59 or until stocks run out. Tickets available on that day can only be purchased by Allegro Smart users by accessing the dedicated website. Regular sales will begin on June 22 at noon. Paying for tickets is only possible with Blake. One-day tickets will be available for PLN 189. The new are two-day tickets for a specific city, available for PLN 319.

The Mskie Granie Orkiestra 2021 squad composition and invited guests will be revealed at a later date. This is what the lineup looks like:

  • August 6 – Krakow, Museum of Aviation: Mskie Granie Orkiestra 2020, Dawid Podsiado, King, Jarecki, Ivy
  • August 7 – Krakow, Aviation Museum: Mskie Granie Orkiestra 2021, Organek, Daria Zawiaow, Baasch, WaluKraksaKryzys
  • August 13 – Warsaw, Tour Suewiec: Mskie Granie Orkiestra 2020, Artur Rojek, King, Kasia Lins, Niemoc + guests
  • August 14 – Warsaw, Tour Suewiec: Mskie Granie Orkiestra 2021, Brodka, Ralph Kaminski, Zdechy Osa, Shyness!
  • August 20 – Pozna Park, Park Cytadela: Mskie Granie Orkiestra 2020, Zalewski, Maria Peszek, Vito Bambino, Kaka Sochacka
  • August 21 – Pozna Park, Park Cytadela: Mskie Granie Orkiestra 2021, Organek, krl, Muchy, Baasch
  • August 27 – ywiec, Amphitheater at Grójec: Mskie Granie Orkiestra 2020, Dawid Podsiado, Jaboni Flower, WaluKraksaKryzys, Ivy
  • August 28 – ywiec, Amphitheater near Grójec: Mskie Granie Orkiestra 2021, Zalewski, Ralph Kaminski, Natalia Przybysz, Kaka Sochacka
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