September 23, 2021

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Miss Poland 2021. First appearance of Isabella Janchoska in Polsat

Miss Poland 2021. First appearance of Isabella Janchoska in Polsat

Competition Miss Poland It has been organized since 1990. The elections are held in several stages and are of great interest. We have just reached the last stage of the struggle and in a few hours we will know the name of the new Miss Poland. The final of Miss Poland 2021 takes place in Nowy Sącz and begins the so-called beauty festival. As part of this event, which is broadcast on Polsat from August 20 to 22, three festive parties will be held: Miss Poland, Miss Supranational and Mister Supranational.

Miss Poland 2021 contest and hot music performances

The final election of Miss Poland 2021 takes place in the amphitheater in Strzelecki Park in Nowy Sącz. In a few hours we will find out which of the 24 candidates will receive the crown from Anna Maria Jaromin.

Until 2014, the winner of the Miss Poland title represented our country in the Miss World contest, and as of 2015 she entered the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss White and Red Superhero contests. The Polish runner-up and finalists in the Polish elections participate in other international competitions.

They run the party Ilona KrauzenskaAnd He reached the final in the Miss Poland 2014 elections, Isabella Janachowska I Krzysztof Ibis. There will also be hot music performances. You will be the stars of Friday’s party kayah I Vicky Gabor. will also appear Anna Crown I Nick Sinclair.

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Miss Poland 2021. Who appeared in the closing ceremony?

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