September 22, 2021

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MMA.  Lil Masti in Wojewódzki: I don't want to fight with "Pudzian"

MMA. Lil Masti in Wojewódzki: I don’t want to fight with “Pudzian”

Lil Masti, formerly known by the pseudonym SexMasterka. Once she released the song “Boca Owl”. It is a favorite of internet users. As a child, she coached wrestling for six years, and successfully competed in FAME MMA and High League, where she competed in what is called Stranger Fighting. During a visit to the Kuba Wojewódzki Show, the influencer bragged about her martial arts achievements. She argued that she is strong and that her favorite plane is the ground floor.

– I have the body of a wrestler. I have very short legs and are well built. My muscles are good here too, she said, although I can, I can be more.

A few weeks ago, Lil’ Masti defeated boxer aka Ewa Prudnica during a league party in a very amazing way. – It was quite a challenge. After all, she is a five-time world champion in boxing. She said she would piss me off, that the fight would last five seconds and I understand that, but at some point she crossed that line. Anyway, the audience thought so, too. But I checked everything during the fight and did something no one has ever done – she added.

The famous showman provocatively said to Lil Masti: – You will not enter the cage with “Pudzian” – The High League player thought for a moment, nodded and replied: – With “Pudzian”? Well…not my weight class, he’s not even going to do my weight class, and I won’t – she concluded.