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Mobilization in Russia: Aid for the Missing from the War

Ukraine, interview: diseases and conflicts between Russian forces in Belarus

Novaya Gazeta, Zoruba reported that at the end of October, the military command of the renovation of the Frunzenskaya district of Petersburg Send a summons to Mikhail T. who He did military service as a cook Moscow cruiser – A ship sunk by the Ukrainian army in April. Mikhail’s family has no information about his fate since the main cruiser of the Russian Black Sea Fleet sank.

On the other hand, in Nowouralsko, in the Sverdlovsk region at the junction of Europe and Asia, for a “special military operation” The appointment of a deputy to the city local council has been determinedwho received more votes in the local elections than his rival, the military leader. The commander could not cope with this fact and appointed a 46-year-old opponent to the army – according to the Nexta portal, citing local Russian media.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Posted on September 21 this year. Father’s decree. Mobilization for war with Ukraine, under which it was planned to appoint about 300,000 people under arms. Reserve soldiers. Currently, the Russian authorities claim that Packing is now overHowever, it is not accompanied by an official termination decree. It’s raining too Conflicting numbers about the numbers mobilizedwho already hit the front. Putin said on November 4 that their number was 49,000. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu Previously gave the figure 87000.

as part of packing Call-up to serve in the army, and in fact to the front receive disabled Or be an age that precludes any service. Appointments are delivered too to the addresses of deceased persons.

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