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Moldova. President Maya Sandu: Moldova is not looking to NATO, it can be seen as a provocation

Moldova.  President Maya Sandu: Moldova is not looking to NATO, it can be seen as a provocation

We are trying to do everything we can to save Moldova from war. However, neutrality does not provide us with 100% protection, as assessed by the Head of State, Maya Sandhu. She said Moldova does not currently intend to apply for NATO membership because it does not want to provoke Russia. Meanwhile, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, announced that there are plans this year “to increase support for Moldova by providing additional equipment to the armed forces.”

President of Moldova Maya Sandow She said in an interview with the weekly newspaper “The Economist” that her country does not currently aspire to apply for membership in it For this. She was concerned that such an initiative could lead to an armed response from the party Russia.

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Maya Sandu: We are trying to do everything to save Moldova from war

Sandu believes that a possible initiative by Chisinau to join NATO “could be considered a provocation.” “We try to do everything to save Moldova prewar. But neutrality does not give us 100% protection.”

The president added that there is war around the corner Ukraine The tense situation in the region is the most dangerous moment in Moldova’s more than 30-year history. However, she confirmed that Chisinau is ready.

The publication of Sandow’s conversation coincided with the president’s statement on Wednesday Romania Klaus JohannesWho stated that support Chisinao’s candidacy for European Union Bucharest does not now consider “initiatives to bring Moldova closer to NATO” as needed.

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The President of the European Council announced his support for the Armed Forces of Moldova

Meanwhile, the President of the European Council visited Chisinau on Wednesday Charles Michel He announced during the meeting with Maya Sandu that the European Union would support the Moldovan armed forces regarding the threat posed by Russian aggression against neighboring Ukraine.

When it comes to security and defense, we will help Moldova strengthen its resilience and deal with the consequences of the crisis in Ukraine. This year, he said, we plan to increase support for Moldova by providing additional equipment to the armed forces. He added that the support may include, inter alia, the field of logistics and combating cyber-attacks.

He explained that the matter had previously been discussed by him and Sandu, but for security reasons the details of the talks would not be disclosed. “We will support the steadfastness, sovereignty and independence of Moldova,” Michel declared.

Charles Michel met Maya SandowPAP / EPA / DUMITRU DORU

Head of the Security Council of Ukraine: Get ready, brothers, Moldovans and Kazakhs

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, spoke about possible threats from Russia to other countries in an interview with Icelandic TV.

– I am sure that the war will not end in our country. There will be many other things. If I’m not mistaken, [szef rosyjskiej dyplomacji Siergiej – przyp. red.] Lavrov said in recent days that the Kazakhs are brothers, so they should also prepare for the occupation. Moldova are also brothers. Get ready, the Moldovan and Kazakh brothers – said Danyov, citing the Ukrainian agency Ukrinform.

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The situation in Transnistria

In the last days of Transnistria – It declared itself a separatist “republic” in Russian in Moldova – explosions were reported near the Ministry of Security in Tiraspol, the destruction of two radio transmitters, an “attack” on a military unit and alleged bombing near Russian arms depots. In the opinion of the Ukrainian military intelligence, these are Kremlin provocations aimed at dragging Transnistria into the ongoing war.

Russia supports Transnistria economically and politically, and also has about 1.5 thousand people there. Soldiers. In the town of Kubasna, on the border with Ukraine, there is a post-Soviet arsenal of about 20-21 thousand. Tons of ammunition.

Main image source: PAP / EPA / DUMITRU DORU

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