October 19, 2021

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Monica Richardson bitterly about the end of the relationship.  There were words about reliability

Monica Richardson bitterly about the end of the relationship. There were words about reliability

Monica Richardson and Zbigniew Zamachovsky – Life After the Breakup

Until recently, journalist Monica Richardson and actor Zbigniew Zamachowski, apparently, created one of the most compatible couples in the Polish show business. The lovers did not hide their feelings and together they willingly stood on the walls. This, however, is already in the past.

A few months ago, the gossip media began reporting a crisis in the relationship of Richardson and Zamachovsky. There were pictures of the actress walking out of their shared apartment. It soon became clear that the rumors were trueAnd the journalist and actress decided to separate. For some time, Richardson was arranging his life along with a new guy, while Zamachovsky was attached to one of the famous actresses.

Monica Richardson showed a photo of her daughter.  Fans:

Monica Richardson was a sharing addict

Monica Richardson does not hide in the network that she is happy with her new relationship. Some netizens accuse her of closing the previous stage of life too quickly and entering into another relationship. The journalist decided to refer to these words by publishing part of a book titled Baligh on Instagram “Stop. Notes from the House of Sober.”.

– I haven’t closed anything yet. I will recover for a long time from my ten year relationship that I have been in Husband’s thief, evil stepmother and addictive partner all at the same time. “I may never fully recover,” she added.

She added that she is currently focusing on preventing it from flowing between her fingers in “mourning feelings”. There were several comments under this post where moderators thanked Richardson for the important post.

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