October 18, 2021

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Monica Richardson has a new partner.  Who is Konrad Wijtkovsky?

Monica Richardson has a new partner. Who is Konrad Wijtkovsky?

In February, the media reported that Zbigniew Zamachovsky He left his wife. Reason: the actor They were infected with the Corona virus and chose isolation. in the next month Monica Zamachoska He gave a short comment that left no illusions: The couple broke up. In April press I told you about the break up She revealed that she wanted to go back to her former name, Richardson. When she was a guest on TVN24, Introduced as Monica Richardson. On Friday, May 28, it was revealed that a new man had appeared in the life of the famous journalist.

Monica Richardson has a new partner. Who is Konrad Wijtkovsky?

A blurry black and white photo appeared on Konrad Wojterkowski’s Instagram account. The photo is accompanied by an expanded leaflet. “This is MonikaRichardson who met me. Later on, we met again. We were alone, so we decided to stay a little longer than just evening conversations“- We read.

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In the other part of the Instagram post, Wojterkowski confirmed: “How long fate will give us the joy of communicating together, we do not know. We know one thing: life is too short to waste on being a single mom or dad, so we’re together.” He added that he understood that a relationship with the journalist would stir emotions. “We’re talking about it publicly before someone does it from a photo that was accidentally taken of us and it would be quite a sensation on many of the covers or front pages of portals, Although it is likely that this will be the case after this entry, because we are public figures and understand how the media world works ”- he admitted.

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In the end, Konrad Wojtkovsky appealed to journalists for respect: “We understand that your job is also looking for news. (…) If you do it elegantly, we don’t have to “argument” in courtrooms about who is right. We don’t just want and don’t want you to “take care” of our children, because they are not public figures.”

Who is Konrad Wijtkovsky? it’s known Polish businessman, owner of the #BeReady group, film producer and philanthropist. For many years, she has been advocating for women and children exposed to violence through the “I Love. I respect – I don’t win. He has an 18-year-old son from his first marriage. In the past it was dated Dorothy Gardias.

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