October 21, 2021

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Monica Richardson showed her first joint photo with her lover

Monica Richardson showed her first joint photo with her lover

  • Monica Richardson has been dating 48-year-old businessman Konrad Wijtkovsky for some time
  • Days ago, the man revealed that he was interviewing a journalist
  • Now Monica Richardson showed the first photo with her lover on Instagram. Internet users are happy
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Monica Richardson He is a famous Polish journalist. In recent years, she has been associated with an actor Zbigniew ZamachovskyHowever, their relationship finally broke up a few months ago.

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As we have seen, this was not the easiest time for the presenter. Fortunately, Konrad Wijtkovsky appeared on her way very quickly, and they quickly captured her heart. Now Monica Richardson showed a joint photo with her lover for the first time.

Monica Richardson showed her first joint photo with her lover

on instagram Monique Richardson Her first photo with a new partner appeared. The journalist added a brief description of the photo:

Many comments from Internet users immediately appeared under this post, which did not provide the journalist with good advice. Someone wrote:

What exhausted yourself, heal yourself– to which Monica Richardson replied with a laugh.

Other women wrote:

Women, follow Mrs. Monica’s example, “You look great together,” “Bravo for your courage,” “Successful escape,” “Only happiness and happiness,” “A little while with your eyes in the back of your head,” “You are a role model.”Internet users wrote.

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I remember that Monica Richardson Konrad Wojtkovsky met a few months ago during a conversation the journalist had with a Wprost businessman.

Photo: MW Media

Monica Zamachoska showed a picture with her boyfriend

As it turned out, the beautiful conversation did not end immediately after the text was published, and as you can see, it continues to this day. A few days ago, Konrad Wijtkovsky added a photo with Monica Richardson on his social media and announced that they are together.

We do not know how long fate will give us the joy of communicating together. We know one thing: life is too short to waste on being a single mom or dad, so we’re together” – he wrote.

Konrad Wijtkovsky – who is he?

Konrad Wijtkowski is a 48-year-old Polish businessman. He was born on March 13, 1973. The man is a businessman and film producer. Wojterkowski is also the owner of the #BeReady Group and a philanthropist. For many years, she has been an advocate for women and children vulnerable to violence thanks to the “I Love. I Respect – I Don’t Hit” campaign.

The 48-year-old has a son from his first marriage. Kola is already 18 years old and this year he is taking his final exams. Konrad Wijtkovsky has produced two films so far: the black comedy “Get Low” from 2009 and “Limousine” from 2011. In the social media of the new partner Monica Richardson, we can find many photos and recordings of campaigns against violence in which many celebrities participated, including Dorota GardiasCarolina Gorczica Anna Kalczyńska Or Magdalena Lamparska.

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