July 27, 2021

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Morawiecki disappointed with the Czechs, Sassin talked about the talks until the fall.  Fifth week of Turów . negotiations

Morawiecki disappointed with the Czechs, Sassin talked about the talks until the fall. Fifth week of Turów . negotiations

“It appears that negotiations will continue at least until the end of the summer without the threat of fines of €5 million per day proposed by the Czech government for not stopping mining in the mine,” says Radosław Gawlik, President of EKO-UNIA. Assembly, former Deputy Minister of the Environment. The talks in Prague have been going on for five weeks and, as both sides have said, they are tough.

The dispute over Turów has been going on for several months. In February, after unsuccessful attempts to negotiate, the Czechs took the Polish government to the Court of Justice of the European Union. They complain that the open-pit mine on the border between Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany absorbs water and causes smog and noise. They do not want to expand the mining area and demand measures to stop the flow of groundwater from Czech villages. They also want Poland to support the construction of new water sources and hydropower stations. in May TSU I decided to use the so-called temporary measure, that is, to immediately stop operating the mine.

Poland did not comply, and Prime Minister Morawiecki announced that the matter with the Czechs had already been agreed upon.

The Polish prime minister’s optimism was premature, because the Czechs reported that they would ask 5 million euros per day from the operation of the Turów open-pit mine following the CJEU decision. At the date of publication of this text, Tuesday, July 13, 53 days had passed since the provisional measure was ordered.

Almost two months ago, mining was supposed to stop. In the meantime, nothing has changed,” he wrote on Twitter Milan Staric, a resident of the border village of Ohelna, involved in the Toro case.

“All of this bodes ill for the people of Bogatínia, particularly in the context of the lack of talks and the prospect of EU funding for the planned closure of the coal complex within the next 10 years. Radosław Gawlik explains that the specter of an early closure of Turów is growing for economic reasons. He points to millions of potential sanctions and exclusion of the region. From the Fair Transition Fund.

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The European Commission has already declared the Zgorzelec sub-area ineligible for funding – specifically from the Turów mine and power plant. The open-pit mine is scheduled to operate until 2044.

Why was Morawiki disappointed?

According to the information “Dzenic Gazeta Browna” Mateusz Morawiecki delivered an informal letter to Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis during the Summit of Prime Ministers of the Visegrad Group in Katowice.

“We are deeply disappointed by how different the agreement is from what was originally agreed upon at the May 24 meeting in Liberec,” he wrote. In a Czech city near the border, representatives of local governments and relevant ministries spoke. On the Polish side, at the Liberec meeting, among others, Deputy Minister of State Assets Artur Soboy. After the talks, Martin Botha, Liberec’s state hetman, wrote on social media that he was in good spirits.

Again the optimism was too early. Prime Minister Morawiecki is clearly not satisfied with the negotiations in Prague so far, and was referring in his letter to the three biggest accusations. First, you see that climate change is not the mine that is causing hydrological problems for our neighbors. Second, Poland does not want to agree to the obligations under the agreement while paying fines. And finally, third, Morawiecki believes that the talks do not provide any guarantees that the conflict will end. Even if the lawsuit is withdrawn.

The DGP also stated that the Czechs will return to the points already discussed. However, the Czech side accuses the Poles of the same. There is no official information on this topic.

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The Czechs were upset by an unfortunate publication

However, the Czech Environment Minister, Richard Brabec, spoke about Morawiecki’s message.

„Odczytujemy menu [Morawieckiego] As an attempt by Poland to influence the Czech government through the media. The letter was delivered to the Czech Prime Minister and then made it to the Polish media, but certainly not from our side. “Personally, I consider this post unfortunate,” Brabec said, citing the Seznam Zpr portal.aYou are.

“Apparently, the Poles had the impression that they would pay for water on the Czech side and that everything would be resolved. But this is unacceptable to us. We have always said that we will demand compliance with ecological limits and we will want to protect groundwater resources in the Czech Republic. The Czech minister added: “Negotiations are currently underway and it is not easy, especially as we want to ensure the feasibility of the draft agreement in the future.”

Jacek Sasin, Poland’s Minister of State Assets, sees it quite differently.

Talks are ongoing, they are conducted in a good atmosphere and it seems that there is an understanding of our expectations from the Czech side. He said in an interview with Polsat News. From the beginning I said there would be no quick agreement on this matter. We are in a specific political moment, in a moment, at the beginning of October, we have parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic. Environmental issues were hotly debated during the election campaign in the Czech Republic. Therefore, I do not expect any final decision to be made before this election.

The holiday season may also delay final decisions. The European Commission and the CJEU start their summer holidays in mid-July, which will last until the end of August.

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The new block in Turów is not working

While negotiations are underway in Prague, a new power generation unit in Turów has been decommissioned. It only opened two months ago.

Activists involved in the Toro affair are delighted the block has broken down. According to Katarzyna Kubiczek, EKO-UNIA project coordinator, fewer greenhouse gases are being released into the atmosphere.

“The freezing of the new unit also shows that the Turów power plant does not produce much energy, and that the unit itself is not necessary to maintain Poland’s energy security. Unfortunately, approximately PLN 5 billion could be spent instead of building a new unit on a fair turnaround in The area, thanks to which the residents will benefit, and not the companies that build this power unit. ”

We asked PGE GiEK, which operates the Turoszów power complex, about the reasons for the block’s decommissioning. According to PGE spokeswoman Magorzata Babska, decommissioning of the new building is planned. “It results from the need to implement the conclusions from the regulatory and experimental process carried out and one month after the start of the unit” – he explains and adds that during shutdown “the operation of the electrostatic precipitator will be improved”. He also notes that this is a standard process, and a restart of the block is scheduled for next week.

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