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Morawiecki in Kyiv, met with President Zelensky. Talk about transferring money to Ukraine

Morawiecki in Kyiv, met with President Zelensky.  Talk about transferring money to Ukraine

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Latvian President Eagles Levits on a visit to Kyiv, where they met with President Volodymyr Zelensky. – Poland, together with our allies, strongly urges the European Commission to transfer what we have already promised to Ukraine in June from the European Union, that is, 9 billion euros – said the head of the Polish government. Zelensky thanked both countries for their commitment and assistance.

Morawiecki was honored with a plaque bearing his name placed in Aleja Odwagi in the Ukrainian capital.

– President Zelensky said during a joint press conference that, from the first days of the war, Prime Minister Morawiecki was with his colleagues, our European friends, in the most difficult times, when many leaders of European countries did not believe in their security.

Zelensky: Latvia and Poland are stable partners

The Ukrainian leader also spoke more about help and commitment from Poland and Latvia.

– I think the words here are redundant – with your actions since the beginning of the attack Russia These countries, these leaders were with us and showed themselves as world-class leaders, Zelensky said. As he added, Latvia and Poland have been “among those stable partners helping us in different directions” since then. annexation of Crimea from Russia in 2014.

Zelensky noted Poland’s approach to accepting refugees from Ukraine and the care and financial support provided to them. – The warm human embrace of our families – for this I am so grateful to both countries – he said. As he added, Latvia and Poland have also done a lot to strengthen Ukraine on the battlefield, “by showing historical support to our country.”

– Today we also discussed issues of financial support. I am grateful to our partners that they support Ukraine’s position in the European Union, and that they are helping to launch a total financial aid of €5 billion. Today I discussed it with the Prime Minister and the President, as he informed the Ukrainian President. This support will continue. He added: “I would like to thank the leaders of friendly countries for taking ambitious steps to support Ukraine in obtaining candidate status for EU membership.

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Morawiecki: Poland asks the European Commission to provide Ukraine with 9 billion euros

The Polish Prime Minister said at a press conference that the next plan of the Russian President Russian President Vladimir Putin And some Western skeptics may want to go back to business as usual.

He stated that Russia uses all possible economic tools “like a rifle in the head of many European countries, and Ukraine uses a rifle in the body.” It is for this reason that from this terrible war, and from this heroic defense, a new Europe must be born, and Europe also with Ukraine as the rightful owner. Member of the European Union. Poland, with our allies, is strongly urging the European Commission to transfer what we already promised to Ukraine in June from the European Union, that is, 9 billion euros, Morawiecki said.

The Polish prime minister stressed that it is very important that “the Kremlin’s next plan to bring Ukraine to its knees due to lack of financial resources fail”.

Prime Minister: Poland, the Baltic states and the Czech Republic are the most active in talks on organizing support for Ukraine

Moraviki stated that the sanctions against Russia are becoming stronger. – Moravitsky said that Russia is making a good face for a bad game, but it is worth everyone knowing that sanctions against Russia will be more and more painful for the Russian economy, month after month.

He stressed that victory in the war must be on Ukraine’s side. – Because if he wins – God forbid – on Russian terms, it will be a great defeat for Europe. Not only for Ukraine, but for the whole of Europe, it could mean a major failure, not only the inability to defend European values, those European values ​​that Ukraine is fighting for today – freedom, sovereignty, brotherhood, the right to life, said the Prime Minister, all These values ​​will be lost.

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Morawiecki: There is no obstacle to extending EU sanctions against the Russian oligarchy

During a press conference in Kyiv, a question was raised about the chances of extending sanctions against the Russian oligarchy in light of the fact that Hungary has expressed some doubts in this matter. – The statements of the European leaders are not as frank as ours, as are the statements of the representatives of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. However, it should be noted that it was not possible to agree on any sanctions package without the consent of all 27 countries, so there was also Hungarian consent in all cases, according to Moraviki.

– As for the oligarch, according to my most recent information, I hope that there will be – no obstacle to prolonging the sanctions, which will also prove that they have just been agreed – despite the doubts previously given by Hungary – he added.

– Of course, our opinion here is unequivocal – we must be as determined as possible in the process of sanctions, but in order for it to succeed, it must have the support of 27 countries at the same time – emphasized the head of the Polish government.

Latvian President: We are the defender of Ukraine, we support it on its way to the European Union

The President of Latvia, Eagles Levits, also spoke. – Levits said that Latvia is the defender of Ukraine, supports the interests of Ukraine around the world, especially in Europe, and together we will achieve a very important goal – the Ukrainian victory.

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He stressed that Ukraine is currently a candidate for membership in the European Union, and stressed that Latvia will support Ukraine with its experience on the way to its accession to the European community. – Most of the requirements set by (Ukraine) have been implemented by the European Commission or will be implemented in the near future – said Levits. – We are friends of Ukraine, we have always stood by the Ukrainian nation because of our historical experience. We know what it means to be the target of an enemy attack. We have 50 years of experience in the occupation, and we understand very well what you are fighting for now, you are fighting for the whole of Europe, for the whole free world – the transformation of the Laotians into the Ukrainians.

– Therefore, it is our duty to provide you with all the support necessary for the victory of Ukraine. It must be so for Ukraine to win, it is the duty of all democratic countries, the whole free world – said the Levites.

Main image source: Twitter / @PremierRP

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