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More detailed technical examinations. “It is not known what a doctor should examine”

More detailed technical examinations.  "It is not known what a doctor should examine"

Diagnosers have good reasons to be on the line with the Ministry of Infrastructure. The mandatory amount has not been increased for several years Vehicle Technical Inspection, although the costs of running a business – in combination with an increase in value-added tax or inflation – spread over more points. From January 2023, drivers probably He will pay more for the examination after it is duebut all the surplus will go to Transportation Technical Inspection.

Much earlier, from September 27, new obligations will be imposed on SKP. One of the most interesting things is checking eCall system For vehicles that were first shown (more precisely: approved) after March 31, 2018. The eCall system is a system that calls emergency services in the event of an accident and calls for help. Even if the driver is unconscious, help is on the way. There is only one problem – The same goes for checking the airbags. It can’t be done.

“The vehicle inspection station does not have facilities to verify this. In the case of using the electronic interface (Exactly which one has not been determined), it is necessary to use software that supports vehicles of a certain brand, which is not available to the station ”- as indicated by the Polish Chamber of Vehicle Inspection Stations during the consultations. It was proposed to remove this point.

However, the industry notes that the ministry will still refer to the European Parliament and Council Directive (2014/45/EU). In the end it will not delete anything. – What a diagnosis in SKP can do is actually a check […] button on the main title. In any case, the criteria for evaluating the remaining errors are minor, so they will not lead to a negative test result. But SKP does not have the tools to check for these problems – says, one of the people associated with the industry. Practically speaking, it would be a dead recipe – but the list doesn’t end there.

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PISKP also wants to remove the “All Special Equipment” item. It is about controlling food trucks, for example, mobile homes or other special vehicles. The reason is simple. The legislator did not set any standards or regulations in this field Determining the technical conditions that the diagnostician can refer to during the technical examination “- Suggested PISKP. This means another dead slate.” We don’t know what to verify the diagnosis ”- we hear at PISKP.

We will find out in the near future if the ministry will take into account the demands of the industry. Provisions are entered into a regulation framework, which means that they do not have such a long legislative path as the “classical” work.

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