October 18, 2021

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More than 14,000 new infections with the Corona virus in the full tourist season.  Crowds at airports

More than 14,000 new infections with the Corona virus in the full tourist season. Crowds at airports

At the beginning of May, more than 60 thousand people were discovered in Turkey. infections daily. Due to the strict lockdown being introduced on July 4, the number of new infections reached 4,418, but most restrictions were lifted in July.

In early July, the country’s main opposition party, the Kemalist Republican People’s Party, criticized rz ± d To hide the true number of deaths among people infected with the Corona virus so as not to frighten foreign tourists. Officially, 50,934 people have died from Covid-19 so far.

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Antalya Airport – ‘Crowds, maybe no one has heard about observing Covid rules’

Turks return to cities after 9 days vacation with foreigners tourists They stayed in coastal cities where mask-wearing and social distancing were widely ignored. The COVID-19 spread map in the government app has marked in red almost the entire city center of Antalya, a popular tourist destination, which means there is a high risk of the spread of the coronavirus.

At Antalya Airport, crowds of tourists check in every day. The portal writes about the fact that there is no question of obeying the rules of distance in the site money.pl, Referring to the reader’s novel Bozena. – I don’t think anyone has heard of covid rules… In 3 hours, 40 flights and all passengers after check-in are directed to passport control, which is done in a small space, there is no distance, even people are “stuffed”, there is no possibility To withdraw from this place – describes the tourist. – After moving to the departure hall, crowds of people, one on top of the other, drama – he adds.

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