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“More than just a haircut, you’re adorned with culture.” Learn the rules of life in school – Polish Radio Lublin

Polskie Radio Lublin

The project to promote the principles of living knowledge among students was launched by School Complex No. 1 in Puławy. It is about showing mistakes as well as good practices in table manners, in communication between peers, and in connecting students with teachers.

“Unfortunately, it’s different,” admits Lydia Nogoska of the Puławy facility. This is why we propose a project called “More than a hairstyle, you are a culture.” why? There is a great need to form behavioral attitudes in typical and unusual situations. It is also a connection not only in the field of telephone, but above all conversations. This is a matter of meals, i.e. how the food is covered, served and behaved at the table.

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– It seems to me that the older generations learned more how to behave at the table, how to arrange cutlery. Now it has become average, – says the student.

– We always eat with cutlery from the very beginning, – explains Isabella Bogotá Dudzińska, a professional catering teacher. – We start with soup, so the spoon will be on the right and the first. If we eat only two dishes, that is, soup and the second dish, then the spoon is on the right side first with the knife, which is directed into the plate. And on the left we put a fork.

– Such a simple rule of saying hello, letting yourself in through the door – says Małgorzata Poleszek, a teacher at School Complex No. 1. – Pupils don’t know who should go out and who should enter. They do not know what is the ordinary and simple rules that exist somewhere have been lost. We hear and see profanity, and not only in the corridor, but sometimes it can be heard in class.

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“We definitely want to go further,” says Magdalena Gadish. – We want to identify such behaviors, because it is not only a problem of our school, but a general problem. It’s one thing to be yourself, but this culture of behavior, this culture of being, words, showing that we are on a certain level is very important.

– It is not good for a child to come to school in a shirt that barely covers certain parts of the body. Because what’s good for beaches isn’t good for school, says Lidia Nogowska.

– Of course, we have rules that are prescribed in the school regulations, such as the appropriate length of the skirt, long pants, shirts without provocative patterns, and a body covering. But students also need to feel good about what they’re getting into. We must remember that this is a public space where we show our culture and respect for others – adds Magdalena Gladysz.

Another thing that can be noted is the reversal of social roles. Girls want to act like bad boys so much, and boys don’t care about girls’ behavior. Lidia Nogowska adds that it is worth talking about how one’s own dignity is formed, how to speak, how to maintain secrecy and silence.

“First of all, we need to teach the students how to address themselves properly, because we speak differently to the teacher than we do to our classmates. We think you should say Madam/Sir, and in our place, Sorry, Sorry. If Mrs. Martha, Mr. Grzegorz , Yes, but if it is Mrs. Martusia, and Mr. Grzesiu, then it is better not to do it.In these relations we must keep a certain distance, because we are at school and we must teach our students how to address themselves – adds Magdalena Gładysz.

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Until the end of the calendar year, various workshops, meetings and competitions will be held at the Puławy facility every week. Other schools from all over Poland will also be invited to participate in the project “Culture makes you more than a hairdo”.

LuG / review. Akos


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