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Morgan Freeman opened the World Cup in Qatar. Ruthless netizens: “Sold out”

Morgan Freeman opened the World Cup in Qatar.  Ruthless netizens: "Sold out"

The weather around the World Cup in Qatar is getting hotter, Not out of sporting sentiment. The list of allegations against the organizers is indeed long, and includes, among others: the scandalous working conditions of the workers working to build the necessary infrastructure, human rights abuses, LGBTQ discrimination and bribery, thanks to which Qatar was awarded the right to host the tournament.

No wonder most self-respecting stars prefer not to have anything to do with the World Cup. Many of the big names in the world of music chose not to agree to the astronomical sums with which the Arabs tried to lure them to decorate the opening ceremony of the tournament. Dua Lipa, Shakira or, among others, decided to take such a step Rod Stewart.

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Many Polish journalists also joined the group of boycotters. She expressed her anger in an Instagram post, among other things. Polina Mlynarskaexplaining that when working on “holidays” footballIn Qatar, 6,500 workers from different countries (mostly from Asia) lost their lives. Thomas Walney. The TVP presenter noted that as a fan of this year’s World Cup, he is not as excited as he was in previous years. He also referred to the above differences.

Instead of an A for adrenaline – there’s an A for silliness/abomination/ansa/absavour/mortality, omit as appropriate. Unfortunately, this tournament, rather than being a celebration of the sport, is the epitome of everything the sport has to kill for confirmed.

What unites us here is much greater than what divides us. (…]We are gathered here as one tribe, and the land is our common tent He said.

As might be expected, Freeman’s participation in the event resonated widely, also in Poland. After the actor’s performance, the network was filled with a sea of ​​tweets, in which netizens did not hide their disappointment with the actor’s appearance in Qatar.

As you can see, everything can be bought. It must have cost Morgan Freeman a fortune, but why would a great actor promote desert feudalism marked by the death of so many wage workers?

No celebrity wants to support the World Cup in Qatar.” One of the greatest actors, Morgan Freeman, is also the main character at the opening ceremony;

Morgan Freeman will tell you that money has no smell;

The fact that even Morgan Freeman sold it to Qatar saddens me.

Let’s add that the 85-year-old Freeman is one of the highest paid actors. Only his Internet value fluctuates around … $ 20 million.

Do you think performing in Qatar was really essential for him?

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It’s a bloody World Cup – 6,500 poor people from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, used in forced labor in the construction of infrastructure, are dead or dead so that fans from the rich West entertained, footballers, FIFA and big corporations made millions. Have fun!

All of these tournaments are bad.

This discovery

18 hours ago

Like all football players, FIFA gun and … fans

These are the stars. They will do anything for money. this is the truth.

Disgusting, I was embarrassed when I watched it and left the room halfway through. Fake.

latest comments (807)

We think it really paid off. It won’t budge a bit.

Anyone watching this at all?

Americans have valued money since the beginning of time. There you become a “person of value” when you “earn money”. Whatever the end justifies the means, morality is not important. Jobs was a tyrant, Trump exploited and deceived employees, Kardashian women made money from porn, vanity and stupidity. Not to mention the movie producers who created their own way of “staff discipline” out of harassment and child abuse. People still compete for their favor and work with them or to protect them, flatter them and put them on the rules.

By watching the tournament, you are also supporting the Qatari people. Do you know what’s up?

All the hypocrites, they have now awakened that Qatar has a championship. Where were you when FIFA was elected?

Freeman sold Fifa he has a name I won’t say here I admire our national team but here the procedure has changed and they won’t achieve anything anyway so I won’t waste my nerve or go watch it online it’s a pity

It is a picture of our modern world. Qatar, not Qatar.. Money.. Injustice.. Slavery.. In life, you either draw Christmas in a rich European house, or you are unlucky enough to be born in a slum in India. And some people like to think about how they came up with everything on their own … and how they are better and smarter than others.

The man has played God so many times, it’s a miracle the shakers didn’t fire him for blasphemy. miracle.

Oh, like Poland…

30 minutes. Ago

And I will watch this tournament, although I agree with most of the accusations that exploitation, corruption and violation of human rights, not to mention the date of the fall’s foolish end to the World Cup. I will watch, because it is possible that this will be the last tournament broadcast in the free range. There is a good chance that the authorities will soon change to one less friendly to the poor, and harsh free-market mechanisms will be implemented again, and as was the case in 2002 in Korea and Japan, TVP will show maximum openers, semi-finals and finals.

Funny people, rotten holy boat supposed to be better…? They have done and continue to do worse things …

Those who watch this circus are as guilty as those who took the lives of these people, but they were poor and laborers, and no one thinks of them. This football game is a money laundering scam for unscrupulous criminals.

In Poland there are disabled people without work and somehow that didn’t bother you, and in Qatar it did.

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