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We invite you to take a brief overview of today’s Spanish press releases. What are they writing about? Mundo Deportivo, Sport, Lisportio, Marca and AS? You will see below.

Barcelona beat Madrid Sports World He talks about the performance and the trophy of the Barcelona players, who won seven goals against Atletico, and after the match threw their opponent Torricilla because of her emotional return. In turn, basketball players Blaugrana They defeated Real Madrid by ten points. Laprovittola, Coric and Sanli led the team to a fair victory on the field eggs. Top cover: Frenkie saves. De Jong’s late goal gave Barcelona three points in a very gray game. The win puts Barcelona within one point of the Champions League zone and Atletico will be their closest rival. The newspaper reported another confusion with Dembele – the French did not show up at Ciutat Esportiva and will be punished. It still didn’t disappoint as Padusa and Carino bid farewell to the Australian Open. Militao allowed Real to avoid defeat by Elche, and Royal They made up for the loss with a score of 0:2 after a controversial penalty kick and a goal in extra time. Spain has lost one victory since the semi-finals.

“Get!” – sports Barcelona announced its victory over Mendezuro after Frenkie de Jong’s goal in the last minute. Blaugrana I played a really bad game, made few goals and showed a bit of good play. Top Cover: Super Heroes! Barcelona’s players won the Spanish Super Cup after Atletico’s crash and earned unanimous praise for their fair play against Virginia Torricelli, who came back after defeating cancer. Militao allowed Real to escape the embarrassment. Barcelona occupied the castle eggs In classic basketball. Rafael Nadal was left alone at the Australian Open after Padusa and Carino were eliminated.

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“From another world” – Sports He writes that the Barcelona players won the Super Cup without allowing Atlético to take a breather in one of their most memorable matches, laying the first foundation on their way for another winning season. Frenkie allowed Blogger To avoid a tie. The first half is sad Domi CataloniaWho tried to shake off the drowsiness after returning from the locker room, with more will than efficiency, in the 87th minute took the award in the form of three points, going more calmly for a break in the competition. Barcelona basketball players regained their glory and moved closer to Real Madrid at the table. Loeb won Monaco just before his 48th birthday and is already the biggest race winner of the World Cup. Madison Keys completed Padusa’s dreams at the Australian Open.

‘Sport is great’ – Marker Barcelona reports that Barcelona’s expulsion of Torricelli, the rival who was cured of cancer, is now part of the story. “A point out of the air” – Militao saved Real Madrid’s equalizer after a superb header in overtime. He still advanced to the quarter-finals of the Australian Open. The classic game ends with a basketball crisis in Barcelona. Frenkie de Jong cut short a yawn, and Barcelona fired only two shots at the target.

Madness point as It is believed that Real turned the setback into something epic: they scored the equalizer against Elche in the 2-0 defeat in the 81st minute. “Hello!” Virginia Torresilla is back in the game after a 683-day hiatus to beat cancer. Barcelona players, who won the Super Cup against Atleti, knocked out their opponent. “Savior Frenkie de Jong” – His goal in the 86th minute rested with a weak goal Catalonia Duma. classic for Blaugrana – Miroti and Laprovittola took over the management of Palacio. The Spanish handball players lost to the Norwegians and will play against Poland in order to reach the semi-finals of the European Championship. He still defeated Mannarino and qualified for the Australian Open quarter-finals.

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