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Mother-in-law in five days. The actress replied

Mother-in-law in five days.  The actress replied

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Joanna Korniewska I Massej Dubourg They did not hide their happiness when they announced that they were able to buy the apartment of their dreams in the capital. they new home It is a duplex and has a huge balcony. The actress was excited about the renovation and planning how to arrange the rooms. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned. Renovations can be really tiring and stressful, but the renovations to the actress and presenter’s new home haven’t even started yet. Fans commented that she should ask for help Katarzyna Dubor.

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Joanna Koronjoska and Maciej Dubor fool around at home

How does Narwina live? The star arranged himself classically. Focuses on comfort and… armchairs!

Joanna Koronjoska regrets the renovation that hasn’t started yet

Joanna Koroniuska She posted a picture on Instagram where she is standing in her new apartment. She confirmed that the photo was taken six months ago, and since then nothing has changed in their new home. The actress, in response to numerous questions from observers about her living in a new place, honestly admitted that they did not even begin to renovate.

This photo is from April. You are constantly asking how to live in a new place. Well, unfortunately we haven’t moved yet. We haven’t even finished renovating. And in fact, we did not even begin – the actress wrote.

star wormHe faces smaller and bigger problems on every side, which is why everything has changed over time.

We are temporarily stuck at the door, stairs, and dance floor. Do any of you have such experiences now? Wherever you look, are there small or bigger problems?! There is one positive side – I’ve made friends with my architect and am already wondering what we’re going to renovate when we finally start and finish this project – added Joanna.

Fans did not hide their amusement in the comments. There were voices the actress should have asked for help Katarzyna DuborShe is the queen of quick renovations, which can be seen by watching the program “Our new home”that you host. Koronioska In response, she admitted that her mother-in-law had been waiting for a long time.

And her mother-in-law will arrange it in five days.

We have to ask, but she has long deadlines – Joanna replied.

Damn prolonged renewal – we read.

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Netizens asked if Joanna Koroniuska would make the renovation and move until Christmas. The actress admitted that she does not have even the slightest chance. We hope that the renovation, when it begins, will go smoothly and efficiently, and the actress will appear neatly decorated corners.

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