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Move is healthy. Older Opole moved from the lectures …

Move is healthy.  Older Opole moved from the lectures ...

Seniors in Opole not only learn, but also improve their condition. Today (November 7) about ten students from the Academy of Little Hearts of the Opole University of Technology took part in the first gymnastics classes. During the exercise, they not only lose unnecessary kilograms, but most of all they take care of their spine and warm up the muscles of the body.

– The list is open all the time, so if anyone else wants to join us, feel free to join us. We still have vacancies, and I will say that it is worth taking advantage of these internships – says Dr. Monica Błaszczyszyn from Opole University of Technology.

These are general conditioning exercises. It also aims to improve the balance and efficiency of individual joints. Also, be relaxed, we will train quietly. If anyone wants, we invite you.

– This chapter is awesome. Winter is coming, you can’t really ride a bike anymore, you have to move, and here we can still maintain our condition – add the old ones.

– I moved here a bit, because we haven’t played sports in a long time and I feel different now, maybe it was 5 minutes. You feel a little better. – We take it very seriously. First of all, you feel better because when you sit at home you are more tired than when you exercise. It is worth coming for your health. My spine hurts and it stops pain anymore. This exercise is also good for health. Movement is health, you know.

To take advantage of the classes, simply register via the online form at or come to the lectures held every Thursday at 4:00 pm and register there.

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