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MP: Hitler introduced this solution in Poland. It has a bad effect on health

MP: Hitler introduced this solution in Poland.  It has a bad effect on health
  • A group of deputies presented a draft amendment to the law in the official time on the territory of the Republic of Poland
  • They call for the introduction of Central European Time in the territory of the Republic of Poland
  • MP Janos Corwin Miki: We must restore normal time and not try people again

The Sejm received a draft parliamentary amendment to the law at the official time in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

It was submitted by a group of deputies: KO, Lewica, Konfederacja, PiS.

MEPs propose a new formulation in Art. 2 Clause 1 of the Law of December 10, 2003 in official time on the territory of the Republic of Poland:

Standard time in the territory of the Republic of Poland is Central European Time.

Time changes: never try with people again

The representative of the applicants is Representative Janusz Corwin Miki. We read in the justification of the verb:

“Daylight saving time does not bring any economic benefits, but twice a year it disturbs the economy (especially transportation) and the work of human and animal organisms.

Daylight saving time was introduced to Poland by Adolf Hitler, then the PZPR, and then the European Union.

The European Union already recognized that this was a mistake and allowed its members to deal with this twist. You should turn back normal time and never experience humans again.

At the same time, the idea of ​​introducing permanent daylight saving time (as allowed by the European Union) – which would take an hour of sleep per day in winter, especially for children, should be strongly rejected.

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Time changes during the Nazi occupation

The pioneers in implementing the change of times are the Germans. During the First World War – April 30, 1916, they moved the scorpions forward one hour, and on October 1, one hour back. These changes also concern the territories of Poland occupied by the Reich.

For the first time in our country, the time change was implemented in 1919 and again during World War II during the Nazi occupation, on the same dates as in the German Reich.

In the post-war period, changes were applied periodically: in the years 1945 – 1949, 1957 – 1964. From 1977, time changes returned again.

The above method was also introduced in England. The technical and cultural conditions of that time fully justified the change of times. The main reason for introducing the change was the burden on the production of weapons during the First World War, and the change of time was an opportunity to save electricity.

Another project in Parliament. Time changes are bad for your health

Earlier, another draft amendment to the law was submitted to the House of Representatives. It was introduced by a group of deputies of the Polish Alliance.

It is about the recognition of Central European Daylight Time as an official time in the territory of the Republic of Poland and the abandonment of subsequent changes of time.

In justification, the deputies also refer to the economic and sanitary factors of the changes of time:

“The double change of time each year has no social or economic justification. Maintaining the time change is an anachronism and contributes to many negative health and economic impacts” – reads the explanatory note.

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It leads to an imbalance in the regulation of the circadian clock, the rhythm of which is of fundamental importance to the health of every human being and has a negative impact on well-being, manifested, among other things, by problems with sleep or problems with concentration. Scientists believe that the manipulation of time causes a severe “time shock” that has a very negative impact on mental and physical health and is the cause of many diseases.

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