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Mu County. The Germans made a decision. “We gave up. There was supposed to be a report here” M¦

Mu County.  The Germans made a decision.  "We gave up. There was supposed to be a report here" M¦

The World Cup in Qatar causes a lot of controversy. Even before the tournament, the organizer was accused of human rights violations and forced labor during the construction of stadiums, in which up to several thousand workers were supposed to die. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about banning the sale of beer in stadiums. For these reasons, among others, Denmark decided to boycott the tournament and not sell tickets to the fans, and the fans themselves did not plan to travel to Qatar either.

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Runny nose. Polish footballers live and train in these places

The German side boycotts the opening match

Germany’s has made an important World Cup decision. And a text appeared on it, in which the journalists announced, instead of covering the opening ceremony, that they would not deal with the aforementioned ceremony or the clash between Qatar and Ecuador. “This was supposed to be coverage of the opening ceremony, but we decided not to. The opening ceremonies of the World Cup are always meant to celebrate FIFA and the hosts. Today there is nothing to celebrate. Today is one of the saddest days in a long history.” football– We read.

Infantino does his best, unabashedly. curvature of diameter. “Secretly”

The Germans announced that they would not boycott the entire tournament, but would focus only on match reporting and criticism of these matches. Journalists argue this with the fact that if they completely ignore the World Cup in Qatar, it will have the opposite effect. In addition, they will also address the rights of women and LGBT people in Qatar. They also stressed that they would not repeat FIFA’s statements or “write about Gemayel.” stadiumsNot to mention how it was built and how many people died for it.

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Ecuador beat Qatar 2-0 in the opening match of the World Cup. Enner Valencia scored two goals. The next World Cup matches will be held on Monday. that day England You will play against Iran (14:00), Senegal against the Netherlands (17:00) and the United States against it Wells (20:00.).

A mess in the fan zoneQatar organized a fan zone. Chaos is an understatement [WIDEO]

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