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Mushroom poisoning in children – their chances of survival are low

Zatrucia grzybami u dzieci

Doctors urge us to give mushrooms to children carefully. Their health is most at risk in the event of poisoning. This is confirmed by the case of an Afghan family who was recently poisoned by mushrooms found in the refugee center. Young children are in the worst condition.

  1. What is the health of children admitted to the Memorial Children’s Health Institute?
  2. Mushroom poisoning in a refugee center near Budkowa Leina
  3. Since when can mushrooms be given to children?

Three children aged 5, 6 and 17 years after mushroom poisoning came to the Memorial Children’s Health Institute in Menzelsee. A 6-year-old Afghan man had a liver transplant. In the case of the 5-year-old, tests will be done to confirm brain death. Doctors said a 17-year-old Afghan woman was discharged from the hospital. Parents of the children are doing well and no longer need medical care.

a. During a conference on the health of young Afghans being treated at the Memorial Institute of Children’s Health for mushroom poisoning, Jaroslav Kirko of the Memorial Institute of Children’s Health (IPCZD) Gastroenterology Clinic appealed for attention to children’s eating of mushrooms. “As we can see, the children here suffer the most, which is normal because of their body weight and the amount of toxins they can get,” he said.

What is the health of children admitted to the Memorial Children’s Health Institute?

Doctors from the Memorial Children’s Health Institute provided information on the health of Afghan patients.

  • Intensive Care Unit Head, MD Elipita Petrasek explained that the 17-year-old Afghan woman is doing well. She has already been discharged from the hospital. a. Jaroslav Kirko noted that the girl was conscious all the time, she had no major disorders and currently does not require any medical treatment.
  • A 6-year-old boy who underwent a liver transplant for several hours. – The procedure has been calm, but the prognosis for the boy’s condition is still uncertain, and the next few days will show what the future of his health will be, said Dr. Petrashek.
  • The youngest child – 5 years old – was not eligible for transplant due to irreversible brain damage. Dr. Petraszyk said his condition has not changed. – Exams will be conducted tomorrow in accordance with the regulations and certification procedures She said brain death.

a. Piotr Kalisiński from the Department of Surgery and Transplantation noted that a transplant is a precursor to a child who has absolutely no chance of survival. – The liver transplant is carried out without complications, and it has resumed its functions, while the survival of the child will be determined primarily by neuroscience, that is, the reversal of changes that undoubtedly occurred in the central nervous system as a result of brain edema and intoxication – he explained. .

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Mushroom poisoning in a refugee center near Budkowa Leina

The Afghans who, after being evacuated from Kabul, were sent to the Budkowa Foreigners Center for Lina Dipak on August 24, they poisoned the mushrooms they were supposed to collect in the center building on August 24. Three children aged 5, 6 and 17 years with acute hepatic failure were admitted to IPCZD Frog poisoning.

The director of the IPCZD Institute, Dr. Marek Megdash, confirmed that in addition to children, Afghan adults were also poisoned. – He pointed out that these people are working at full capacity and do not need any medical treatment at the present time.

Since when can mushrooms be given to children?

Mushroom picking in Poland has many fans. Unfortunately, mushroom poisoning occurs every year, and some have a tragic end. anyway Mushrooms are nutritious and worth eating, you must be very careful when collecting them – in the case of some species, such as toadstool, the lethal dose is very small. For children, specialists believe that mushrooms can be given only to children over 7 years old. Among other things, precisely because of the danger of fatal poisoning.

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Source: / PAP / Agnieszka Ziemska, Marta Stańczyk

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