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MUW Kraków: “We fight for the life, health and smile of a child.” 145 years of Children’s Hospital Street. Ludwik in Krakow

MUW Kraków: “We fight for the life, health and smile of a child.”  145 years of Children's Hospital Street.  Ludwik in Krakow

Children’s Hospital them. Street. Ludwika in Krakow was the first such facility in the city and the third in the then divided Polish lands of this type for the treatment of children. Among the donors who contributed to its creation, there are well-known and respected names. It is worth noting, for example, Marcelina Czartoriska, Sr. Prelate Albin Dunajewski, Jan Matejko, or Count Zygmunt. Poslovsky. But we owe its existence to the financial support of many Krakow citizens and, above all, Dr. Maciej Leon Jakubowski, MD, who sought out the facility and then served it for many years.

The remarkable contribution of all those who have been involved in the development of medical care for children and young people for nearly a century and a half is called during this holiday. The facility celebrates its 145th anniversary. On this occasion, a special meeting was held in a manor in Tomashovice. Attended by Małopolska Voivode, ukasz Kmita.

Nearly 150 years of care for the youngest and most vulnerable patients – a binding legacy. Successive generations of specialists, doctors and nurses all gathered around the Children’s Hospital on St. Ludwik in Krakow, over the following years, built a huge body of good practice and experience. They are used by the facility we know today. The recent period has brought new challenges related to the fight against the epidemic. The hospital also participated in these activities. As part of support in these activities, the hospital has received 100,000 from the government’s COVID-19 fight fund. PLN for devices such as a cardiac monitor or cardiac output monitor – He mentions the voivodeship of Lesser Poland, ukasz Kmita.

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On the occasion of this important jubilee, I wish you that the part of the history of the hospital for which you are responsible will be a source of satisfaction for the job well done. Above all, that this part enters into the sequence of helping children as a period of good development and continuous striving for the best realization of the idea that lies at the beginning of the institution and is enclosed in the words: “We fight for the life, health and smile of the child” – The governor adds quantum.

District Children’s Specialty Hospital Street. Ludwika in Krakow currently has 106 beds in 8 suites located on Strzelecka Street. The facility also operates the Małopolska Rehabilitation Center in Radziszów, where 92 beds are equipped as part of inpatient treatment.

As part of the assistance provided, the hospital also has dozens of specialized clinics, including: Allergy, Cardiology, Cystic Fibrosis, Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases, Defects, Developmental Disorders, and Pediatric Surgery.

Young patients are also subject to intensive diagnostics, thanks to the diagnostic laboratories that perform the following: x-rays, electroencephalograms, ECGs, lung examinations, endoscopy and functional tests. In Children’s Hospital Street. Ludwick also has a lab.

The hospital has a 24-hour reception room, which receives referred children and all children in emergency situations who need assistance. Additionally, night and holiday health care is available on site.

The hospital is the only multidisciplinary children’s hospital in Krakow, with the exception of the University Children’s Hospital in Prokosem.

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