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“My cool love at school I met in sweat, in stained makeup and in my pajamas. Later it was only worse…”- Taken from real life

“My cool love at school I met in sweat, in stained makeup and in my pajamas. Later it was only worse…”- Taken from real life

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The same places are covered with a thin white duvet Or wear fatty clothes Snow hats look happier and brighter. This is important when dusk falls after three in the afternoon. Not to mention the fact that when there are colored lights everywhere, there is a truly fairy-tale atmosphere.

I was in a hurry to go to work that morning

Everything was going fine. And for a while there was no hot water and I had to wait to take a shower, the keys were missing, the neighbors grabbed the elevator … I was walking fast to catch the bus that was just approaching the station. Two minutes too soon! I thought I would, if the driver notices I’m running, he’ll wait. I didn’t factor in the ice under a thin layer of snow that no one picked up on, let alone sprinkled salt or sand on it. I waved my arms around trying to find my balance, but to no avail. I flew back and… looted! The cold and gentle slaps on my cheek woke me.

Oh, my God, you finally opened your eyes. No, please don’t move. You’re hitting your head on the ice. The ambulance is on its way! A woman’s voice was saying.

When I focused my eyes, I saw a woman leaning over me, not much older than me.

– seriously, Do not move, the spine can be …

Leg…! – I groaned, because although my whole body ached, the tear in my ankle came to the front.

– I don’t know … it could break, it’s somehow deformed … Don’t get up, really, maybe you damaged some vertebrae? Well, now you hear the ambulance, it will be soon. Oh, they are here.

A helpful stranger got up and I heard him talk about my accident, probably to a paramedic. I lay obediently staring at the cloudy sky.

We’ll get you off this pier in a minute. Can you move your legs? the hands? Where is the pain? A male face appeared in the field of view.

You are unable to speak. I banged my head so hard, that’s why now I think I know her from somewhere? Those eyes, lips, dimples in the cheeks hidden under a stubble beard … I really knew this face, if only it was younger?

– Clara? Cage, is that really you? Asked.

then hit me

Cage, my nickname is from high school.

“Marcel…” she sighed.

I couldn’t believe! We went to high school together, parallel classes, but we went on all trips together, so we got to know each other really well. I liked it, but the school love lasted an average of a few weeks, so before I could find a way to show that I loved him more than the other boys, Kamel invited me to the movies. It also wasn’t bad, so…

“Cage, girl, is something you were about to do, right?” Come, show yourself – I felt a hand touching me. Well, I think the spine is fine, but we need to check the head. And the leg … If nothing else, you will have a delicious plaster until almost spring.

They put me in an ambulance and took me to the hospital. My head was cracking, but fortunately it did not break and it was not necessary to sew, the hat softened the impact, and beautiful bruises were predicted on my back, which was also not a tragedy. The leg hardest hit was the match flick. Thank God, there was no surgery. He said Marcel left me in good hands, and left before I could ask for any contact. Pity. It was great seeing an old friend after so many years. They may have received another call.

I stayed in the hospital for a day for observation. The doctor wanted to know if there were any problems, such as a concussion. I wasn’t complaining, I also felt much safer in the accomodation, although I was pretty bored because I didn’t have a phone charger and had to save the battery. In the morning, when the nurses were checking how I was feeling, Marcel visited me. Instead of being happy, I started wondering in the first place How do I take care of my makeup stained tonightBecause I had nothing to wash, my shaggy, sweaty hair, absolutely everything old, because I did not take a shower …

How do I look?

“I know I’m not from my family, but as a health care worker, I haven’t been chased away,” said Good Morning, leaning on the windowsill. – how are you? Do you need anything?

– Thanks, they’ll let me out today, so I’ll be fairly fine. I need to go home and rest? Take a nap? Does your family miss you?

– I am a widower, I have no children, so no one at home cries for me – he sighed, and I felt stupid.

– Sorry, I did not know, I did not want to …

waved his hand.

Great, nothing happened. How were you supposed to know. And no one misses you?

– I’ll tell my parents when I get home. I can already imagine the panic if they found out I was in the hospital. No matter how old I am… – My nose wrinkled – No one will cry for me. I broke up with my fiance almost a year ago, and somehow it didn’t feel like new adventures. You understand, I was a little disappointed.

We chatted for a while, and we remembered, it was cute, fun, and easy. Then Marcel said I needed to rest, and left again before I could dial his number. Maybe he wasn’t interested in accidentally keeping up with this renewed relationship? and after She reappeared when she was discharged from the hospital.

– I’ll take you home, I won’t let you go with this plaster alone.

As we made our way to my apartment, I tried to remember how much mess I had left. Will I burn with shame? There should be a clothes dryer in the room with laundry, including linen. In my plaster box, I can not quickly hide it. As a lifeguard, Marcel must have seen things like that, but still I didn’t want him to see my panties and bras. Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’ve done the laundry either! Maybe something had already bloomed in the tub… Marcel didn’t even flick an eyebrow. He sat me on the couch and hopped into the store to do the necessities, even though I told him I would order online.

When he came back, he started to take over the kitchen

Wash and make tea. He told me to sit down or lie on the couch and relax. And then, after making sure I had everything, he said he wouldn’t bother me anymore.

– I’ll just sign you up for the cast. I am ready. He took a pen from his chest pocket and wrote his name and phone number just above his knee. – It’s just in case you need anything. Shopping, help with cleaning, someone to talk to…

“I liked you at school,” she exclaimed.

– Well Well! You and me too! He laughed. – You see, but we made a mistake … I’m sure, and I completely removed you from under my nose. And now? Do I still have a chance? He asked with his hand on my lap.

It was plaster, but it got intimate anyway. I didn’t know what to say. My heart was beating so hard that I couldn’t collect my thoughts. I unconsciously licked my lips.

“Don’t do that…” he whispered.

– How? yes? I whispered back and licked my lips again, this time consciously.

I looked straight into his eyes, so I saw her darkened as he leaned over me to punish me for this provocation. He didn’t waste those years away from me. He got tighter, got a sexy scratching straw, and learned to kiss so much that… Oh, he knelt on the states.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a year and a half,” he said, after a moment tearing his lips away from mine, “before we graduated from high school and we both went our separate ways.” But I was stupid because instead of daring…

I drew him to me: “He’s catching up with me instead of talking.”

Since then, Marcel has been coming every day, as long as he was not on duty. He helped me embrace my life, because with a broken leg, plastered from ankle to thigh, simple things were a problem. But most of all, he made home dates. He would bring my favorite food and a set of candles for us to have a romantic dinner with him. Or he was making caramel popcorn for me and we had a movie show on the couch. We got to know each other better and better. We didn’t make up for lost years, because it’s impossible to do, but we got to know each other again, checking what kind of people we grew up with were those teens who used to be close to each other, but were too shy to make any of it work at the time. After removing the plaster and regaining my full fitness, I asked for Marcel’s help packing my things and moved in.

He had a bigger apartment

We decided to quickly check if we could fit together or kill ourselves when we were stuck with each other for more than a few hours a day. The good news is that we are still alive. If something threatens us, it will break away from the happiness and love that we have come across. With my leg broken, I went into Marcel’s life and arms, and he never let me out. We are planning a wedding. However, we will take it in the summer, when there are no frosts, snow or ice slides. It is better not to be tempted by fate.

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