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My Hezzy Baby Shower: Famous Friends, ‘Hello’ with Flowers and a Series of Collaborations… (Photos)

My Hezzy Baby Shower: Famous Friends, 'Hello' with Flowers and a Series of Collaborations... (Photos)

Maja Hyży threw a big party to mark her soon-to-be welcoming another baby into the world. Not only were her famous friends, but her partner and all the kids showed up at the party with waffle and boho decorations. with pleasure?

Maja Hui Soon you will be a mother again. the ex wife Gregory Not one of those celebrities who keep a secret from the blessed country. On the contrary: In recent weeks, the 31-year-old has regularly appeared at industry events, showcasing her pregnancy forms, even taking home the title. Polish Rihanna.

last thing left Maya To be checked before delivery, there was Baby shower. The semi-finalist of the third edition of “X Factor” did not fail, as in the case of the former child, to organize a party that has become popular in recent years.

And this time, Hyży threw an outdoor party. Now, however, she is not limited to inviting her friends. Apart from the pregnant woman and her friends, the party was attended by men and children.

The party will be a little different, because it will be a family party, and it will not be a women’s party. I’m already a Veteran – hair stuck to my tongue – old hand, so I found no need to play during women’s days and time… And we do such a family meeting, the closest get-togethers themselves, so we’re going and I just hope the weather is fine, and it doesn’t rain. keep “excellent” — she explained to Instastories on her way to the baby shower.

Look, I’m already there and it’s beautiful. I have flowers, good morning flowers, but look what’s going on here… There is a woman who has already sat down, but look, there is another woman, she is beautiful – She reported her embarrassment, obviously referring to a number of companies that helped her organize the event.

Watch Maja Hyy’s baby shower. You also wanted to know that her hair was stuck to her tongue?

It is embarrassing to do everything for the sake of the show. You can see that everyone is unhappy

Displays! I don’t understand these childish parties. Tymbarska that you never know how the birth will turn out :/

She’s like an elephant in this pregnancy… 22 months already…

Seriously, I wish I had given birth, I jumped out of the fridge

An embarrassing Instagram scene.

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How can I not love her?

Is she still not given birth or is it another pregnancy?

What kind of person is this… I’m still pregnant and it always comes up online everything. 🧐😒🤨😒🤔

How embarrassed are you, Maja, because you don’t see her?

The birth will also be reported??? Knowing he paid it, maybe yes..

She hasn’t given birth yet? Was she born, but was she born again? Was Rihanna the one who was born? Aaah, what am I doing here in general…

The festive show just makes me laugh

Instead of living on Insta, Grzesiek recorded his own CD.

Baby it’s j…

22 minutes ago

Grzesiek is developing musically, his track “Darling is me” is simply huge. And Maga? Just Instagram and constantly drama about the ex or his wife. Well, everyone plows to the best of his ability.

You guys like to bully us, right?

Is it possible to organize such a dangerous picnic on the lawn in azienki? Interesting… Simply mark your place so that Belvedere is in the background and becomes world class, but at no cost. She is one of those who ride the gang. Terribly annoying person

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