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Mysterious wreck. Many countries are fighting for this

Tajemniczy wrak. Walczy o niego kilka państw

Shipwrecks are scattered in the seas. Many of them are out of our reach and we cannot catch them. Others have disappeared into the depths of the seas and oceans, and we can’t even locate them. Many shipwrecks contain treasures, some in the billions. Only one is found off the coast of Colombia.

Many wrecks of sunken ships at the bottom of the seas and oceans. Many of them are mostly of historical value, but there are those that have been located in them There are no small treasures. It was just such a ship San Jo Galleon Its wreckage was recently found. Its surface is hidden Wealth in the billionsAnd two countries sharpen their teeth in it.

A secret hidden since 2015

The wreck was found by the Colombian Navy in 2015 off the coast of Cartagena. The state authorities kept this knowledge a secret, because they knew very well what treasures might be hidden there. Recently, at a specially organized conference, The President of Colombia, Ivan Duque Inform the public about the discovery, share photos and announced plans for the future. Pictures were taken by remote controlled robotthat went down to a depth of about one kilometer to commemorate the discovery.

Unimaginable Treasures – A Dispute Over Billions

Their main goal is Extracting treasures and their money. According to specialists, there are gold and silver coins on board, chinaware, precious stones, swords and cannons, the total weight of which reaches 200 tons. It is estimated that ŁThe total value of these treasures is about 17 billion dollars. San Jose is called the “Holy Grail of Shipwrecks” for good reason.

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No wonder the Colombian authorities do so much Depends on debris recoveryAlthough their priority seems to be the same treasure. However, it may not be so simple, because the wreck of the San Jose Galleon and thus the treasure is claimed by the Spaniards. She was one of them, after all The ship and its riches. However, Colombia has strong reasons for controlling the shipwreck. The president refers to the Flooded Cultural Heritage Law that was signed in 2013. According to this law, everything that falls in Colombian waters is the property of the state.

The Spaniards assert their rights by reference to the UNESCO Convention, according to which the wreckage and wealth will belong to them. The case may not end with these two countries. On board the ship San Jose There are treasures looted from many South American countries and each of them can make their own claims.

San Jose Galleon He was drowned in battle with British forces during the War of the Spanish Succession. Apart from the previously mentioned treasures, there could be up to 600 people on board the ship. The ship sank in 1708. President Ivan Duque stated that it was also found near it Two more ships wrecked.

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Photo Source: Presidencia de la República – Colombia

Text source: Presidencia de la República – Colombia

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